Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yah, some awesome news over here in New Mexico, at least it will be good news if that horrible fire creepin into NM doesn't burn Tyler's HP building, or our house down before it can all happen. TYLER GOT A NEW JOB!!! He so deserves it too. He will now be on a manager team that handles emergencies. He will actually be in the position that handles Global accounts, so very mysterious and cool. And we can put another "Manager position" on his resume. He is the hardest workin guy and oooohhhhh I want to pinch his cheeks. I'm so proud of him. Also, if it is what we are "supposed to do" we can maybe start looking for jobs closer to family, whoop whoop. I'm sorry but If I have to stand the sand castles in my living room any longer than 2 years I may just let it go and we might be a family living like Tom Hanks in CastAway, minus the ocean, or trees or any greenery at all. lol.
Also get to go to Idaho on the 25th. I can't hardly wait to see my kids who have been gone for a few weeks now. My parents grandnapped them all, including my brother's son brady. I can barely get 2 words out of them on the phone, but I finally got an " I really miss you mommy" sniff. My Pops is going to pull a Rocky Balboa and train me, seriously. I'm so tired of my body not working we are going to re-vamp by letting my Dad train me. He will help put my back back together after my last car incident of crashing into the huge wall of metal mailboxes while I was turned around trying to grab a ball Nick was throwing at Alaria. jacked up my back again. Since it takes months to get into Doctors around here I'm going home to Idado to see if some of the Docs there who used to be students and athletes of my dad will help me. I feel really good about it, except that I have to leave Tyler. I miss him soo much when I go. He never gets to come. He did get to come last summer for a bit for Derick's wedding. But I wish he could come this time too.
Can't wait to hear my dad's lawn mower and go rafting. See me Niece who I would rather call my little sis. Haven't seen her in 3 years, evertime I've gone home she has been, well not there. Always love to see Morgan my other little sis. All my homies:)
Kids: Mommy's coming muahahahahaha, and they thought they could have Grandma's rules,ha

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dancin Queen

Well, shame on me for not getting to this sooner, poor Alaria. She had her first Dance recital about 2 weeks ago and she did amazing for her first time. She is my little love. She was cracking me up the whole night. I will just share some of the cutest pics of her before the recital and a little clip of her dress rehearsal!

Nick and Alaria

Both G-mas

It was so much fun watching her. She is growing up way too fast. She came off the stage and said," Mommy I was so born for the stage!" haha she is so funny Love that girl! Here is a little clip from her dance rehearsal which was full dress. So cute.

dance recital-2011 003.AVI