Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Graduate

Oh, I can't believe that my baby has just graduated from kindergarten. It was so adorable. He is just the cutest darn thing. He was so proud and his face lit up when he saw we snuck Alaria out of class so she could be there. It was sweet. I so love his teacher she is the cutest thing ever, and Nick will miss her. It just seems like yesterday that he was learning to run, he never really walked just ran.haha
It was adorable. And at the end his teacher put a slide show together of the year and I have to admit I was shedding some tearage.
Classic school pic, with the awesome crazy blue background so essential to screw up your kids school picture, but that face saves it!

Singing in Spanish, so cute

From the slide that the Teacher did, my little graduate

The Teacher gave each child a little moment when she handed them their diploma, here is the video, He said his favorite subject was PE, his favorite school "job" was cleaning the floor, (almost died laughing) he will do anything for his teacher but no dice for Mom. He wants to be a teacher like his Grandpa Jorgensen, and he will be a grown up in 28 years. WOW I don't know if I'll be able to let him go in 34 years! Here is that clip you just can't hear it that well.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Oh, It's bee awhile since I've updated ye old blog! Easter has since passed and a lot has gone on. We had a great easter. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and several birthday parties. Quite the little socialites they are. They are getting too old it seems.
Today was a grat Mother's day. I got several home made cards from the kids. I think they we're trying to out do each other because one would give me one and the other would run in with another card and so on until I ended up with 20 or so cards. They are funny. This morning Tyler was able to stay home and help me get the kids ready for church. Rangle them really so I could get to church without an ambulance having to intercept.haha. It was a beautiful day here. I loved church today it was a day I needed so badly. I loved seeing the kids singing. That is always so cute to see them get up and sing. Tyler bought me some hanging plants with flowers letting me remember some green, oh how lovely. I was so happy for that surprise when I walked outside this morning. The kids were adorable today and very loving except right now that I am on the computer I just watched Nick do a backward flip off the back of the couch and about break his neck. So, we're back to usual behavior. Well, I love all my sweet family and I miss our extended family who is far away. I love my Mom and wish her a happy day. She is so selfless and the best example of how to be a mom. I love my other mom, Tyler's mom. She had done so much for us and we can't wait to see my Mom and her in a few weeks for Alaria's dance recital and Nick's kindergaren graduation. I so miss my sis and her fam. Court is planning her wedding and I wish I could be near while she gets to plan it. Morgan is going for Student body president this next week. I wish her luck. My two nieces who we're always like little sisters to me. Love em. Wish we could see family and be nearer to them right now. Well, I will leave some pics of the kids today, they looked so cute. yaya

My Southern belle, who has never lived in the South

Crazy has landed

Such a beautiful mother's day present

haha Tyler would die if he saw this, but this is our bed all the time, nick in the middle he's going through a phase.Glad someone can sleep in this house

Happy Easter

Easter score
Well, I love my kiddies. They keep life so fun. Will have to write more later. hugs