Monday, February 28, 2011

What A Weekend!!!

 Tyler had his B-day. I'm so happy because now he will quit teasing me about being "so" much older than him, I'm only 2 months older and he loves to rub it in. But we had a fun little day. We took the kids to dinner and had fun except for the horrible news we got about my Brother Todd, which i will explain. But I promised Tyler we will be able to celebrate better when we go to San Diego next week. We get to go to the beach and pretend we are in a different reality for awhile, always fun.haha Well my brother 
Todd just had surgery on his knee a few months ago. So he's been havong serious problems with this knee. A lot of pain and they want to give him a new knee but they think he's too young so they were doing stuff to reconstruct hoping they could just hold off on that. Well the other night he went out back to get his dog and it was dark and he just slipped in some mud and his bad leg went out first and all the weight went onto his bad leg and it just transferred the weight to his femur and it snapped in half. Well the real problem is that he has a blood clotting disease that forms blood clots that he has almost died from 3 times already. They ripped through his heart and lungs a few years ago and now he has pulmonary hypertension which just means his heart will only live about 6-7 more years. they can't give him a heart transplant because of his blood clotting disease. They have never been able to figure out where the clots are coming from and he has been on serious blood thinners for about 3-4 years. Well, when his femur snapped his blood was so thin he started to bleed to death internally. When they got to the hospital they wanted to tranfer him to a bigger hospital because of his heart and the fact that his blood was so thin. Well they had to wait for 5-6 hours to operate while trying to get his blood a little thicker, while they waited his tissue started dying and they had to make a snap decision to do surgery or he would lose his leg. They did the surgery but his blood got too thick and he formed a few huge clots that they have been trying to drain. They had to put some steel plates to put his femur back together. Well this morning the doctor said they aren't out of the woods because they can't get his blood too thin or he'll bleed to death from his surgical wounds which he is still losing blood from, and yet it's still too thick and he is forming several clots which a small one could easily form and sneak through to his heart or lungs or brain and kill him. They don't know what to do with him at this point. It is soooo frustrating. So too thin and he bleeds and too thick he clots. Everytime in the past they have pulled him off his blood thinners he has clotted so bad he ended up in the ICU, so they are struggling to figure out what to do. They are even discussing amputating hisleg because his tissue is not doing well and that way they can cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding and get it to stay thin enough that he won't bleed out. I don't know. I'm going crazy here because I can't go up to Colorado because I am waiting for the date and time for my liver biopsy which is kind of freaking me out a little bit. But I Just worry about Todd. I love my Brother.
FINALLY a doctor, my OB looked at ALL my labs and ct scans I've had in the last year and she asked me if I knew my spleen and liver are enlarged!! No I said. These Docs kill me. She said she sees several things in my blood work, that she didn't even do, that scared her and is abnormal.
She said A LOT of areas show concern. I'm dumbfounded that it took my OB to finallly take a look at all my labs that are all right there on Presbyterian's computers. ALL my doctors I've seen, the specialists have access, and my GP who gets all my labs and results who i just saw a week ago for all these issues with my heart has all the info my OB went and printed off and i sat in her office while she flipped through the paper work and in 2 minutes she is shaking her head wondering why no one has checked my liver and spleen. Why no one has wondered why I've been severely nauseous for 6 months and been vomiting severely for a month and my blood pressure went throught the roof. She asked me what my GP has been saying about all of this and when i told her he asked me If I am seeing a psychiatrist she laughed and said i need a new Doctor. Really??? I've been trying like crazy to find someone to care and it's great she does but she is an OB and doesn't specialize in all of the stuff she is worried about she just sees a lot of crap in all of the collective news. Why is it becuase I told my GP I have Fibro he assumes everything is that? And it's in my head. Just really frustrated right now. Wishing I was a celebrity or had some serious money so I could get some attention to the crap that people deal with. So, not impressed with this situation. I just don't want anyone to go through what I've gone through and I know I'm not the only one for sure that has a chronic pain disorder and everything that happens after is automatically assumed to be a part of that. Just angry becuase we pay for insurance and they pay my doctor, they do get money to see me, is it really that hard to see an enlarged liver and spleen on a scan and say somehitng about it? Like maybe, you should check this out or anything. I just hope and pray my kids do not get sick while we live here. I might end up in
So, I got my tests back that she sent me for and sure enough my liver work came back and each test shows that i'm 250pts over the normal range on everthing. Same with my Red Blood Cell count which is wierd. Normally women are anemic or low on blood and iron. Then several other things were off. She sounded very concerned and said we can't wait for you to get into an Internist by waiting for a new patient appt. and I'm going to call my contacts and find you and internist as as soon as possible because you need a liver biopsy done and i will get you in asap. So, that was last week and she calls me every day telling me she is trying very hard to get me seen. It's so hard because Internist's are only in their office a few days a week and then they are doing other procedures in Hospitals and clinics. So, I'm waiting and I'm not doing anymore internet searches on my test results and what it could mean. Freaked myself out. I know the Lord is smacking me over the head to learn patience. Maybe I'll get it down soon. So it seems my family needs a few prayers our way. Especially for Todd. No matter how old I get I will always think of my older sister and brother in a way they'll never understand. I love them both more than they'll ever know and i think of them more than they know. What ever may come in this life i know we'll never be given more than we can handle no matter what. I'm so greatful for that knowledge.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Surprise

The kids had a great Valentines day they both had the classic party in class. They were so cute in their Valentines day outfits from Grandma.

Sweet boots

Sweet Hearts

Most Eligible Bachelor

Sweet Heart
So, it's no secret that we have had a hard past 6 months. We've been scared and things have been day to day. It's Valentines day and I've been so sick lately that we've been just surviving day to day and all of our energy goes to the kids and Tyler has been taking care of all of us. I've always known I have the best husband ever and wonder if he could really be for real, but he just continues to amaze me and show me what real love is about. He has been traveling more for work lately and awhile ago he let me know he was supposed to be going to San Diego, CA in march. So, I've been preparing for the thought of him being gone for a week. We also had thought about maybe me going along, but about a month ago they told them that the business trip was cancelled and I never thought about it again. So, Tyler handed me a Valentine's card and it was so cute and sweet and when I opened it there was a plane ticket to San Diego, CA. The trip had never been cancelled and he has been planning all along to take me with him. His Mom will come and watch the kids. I was so surprised. I loved it. I'm soooo excited to hand on the beach in CA with my hubby. It will be so great to take a little step out of all the trials we've been through. It's the best  valentines surprise ever. I love my husband so much and am so happy that we are closer than we've ever been. I love him more than I ever thought I could love anyone. Happy Valentines Day!!!1

This is my ticket to the beach, yaya

Bieber Fever!!

So, I have been listening to Alaria talk about this crush she and her friends have on justin Bieber. It has been so funny and cute to listen to her talk about it. She kept telling me she would just die if she could see him in concert. So funny and I loved remembering how funny and cute a crush is when you are 7. She has been talking about his movie coming out and she would just die to go. She loves a girls' night out but it's always been with family, so I decided to take her and her friend to the movie for girls night out. It was absoulutely adorable to watch all the little girls and their reactions to this movie. I was surprised how packed it was and understood when I got in the theatre just what Bieber Fever is. The whole theatre of girls were singing all his songs while waiting and when the movie came on they ALL screamed like they were backstage at a concert. It was soooo funny and I loved being there to watch Alaria and her excitement. Here are some pics of her girls night. Too fun for her.
Alaria and Pasha waiting in line to see Justin
Always trying to make someone laugh
3-d Bieber Fever!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Superbowl 2011

Well we had a great Superbowl party that was a lot of fun. The Green bay packers won this year which I was happy about. Not the Denver Broncos which would have been a lot more fun, but oh well at least we could focus more on the food and commercials this year. Tyler was awesome and made our yummy Jorgensen style Won Tons. Other great finger foods. He is So funny when he is in the kitchen. I like to call him the kitchen nazi. He feels threatened if I get anywhere near him while he is in his mojo. He actually will come behind me after I load the dishwasher and reload it. Thanks, Tom for that.haha Only LeAnne can know my pain there. It's funny though I like to put pans and crazy crap all over the place just to mess with him. The kids had so much fun this year. My favorite commercial was easily the little darth vador dude doing his magic on everything. Totally reminded me of my nephew Jaden and his acting skillzz.
My poor sweet niece rolled her car yesterday and it freaked me out because it reminded me when her Mom was 20 or 21, i was in the 5th grade, anywho she was hit T-boned basically in her tiny car on a highway on her driver side and ejected out of the sunroof and flew far and was flown to utah, 3hours from home and nearly died and was nearly paralyzed. So, when I got the text and horrible pictures of her car from my sister yesterday morning I had flashbacks of the night that happened. I'm so glad she is OK and sad for her that she lost her first car. Just so glad she is OK. Because I love her like she is my own. Although they live so far away i miss them terribly and have always thought of my 2 girls, courtney and morgan like my own. She will be sore and miss her car but I'm so glad she is OK as far as her body goes. She is so special to us.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"The Day After Tomorrow?"

So they are saying on the news that they have NEVER before seen the Northern Hemisphere covered by so much cloud from space. Has anyone seen the movie The Day After Tomorrow? One of my favs. It looked like that when they showed the picture from space. The whole of the US and A lot of Candada was completely covered in white. No visible land. A little creepy if you ask me. They say the next 5 winters are supposed to get even colder. Interesting. It's better to watch the news when they talk about just the weather. We can ignore all the crazies for a few days and stay inside. The kids have been out of school now for 3 days straight. Which is actually good for them because they've been sick. Alaria is mending and I think Nick is turning a corner, but luckily tomorrow they are out again and I think they will have their energy back and that is good. I hate seeing them just laying on the couch so lethargic. Now, tomorrow I can be like the rest of the Mom's who have had their kids, that are used to being in school and are sooooo bored, at home. My blood pressure will surely go through the roof.haha Really it will be nice to see them going and lets pray that they will STAY well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NOT the picture Health

Oh, school was cancelled today. You think it would be celebration around here, Not soooo much. My poor kids and myself and even Tyler have been ravaged by a horrible Flu and cold strain that just keeps cycling through the family. The kids have each had it 3 times. We kept Alaria home yesterday and bam Nick woke up early this morning throwing up. AHHHH I will rip all my hair out. There is nothing worse than watching your kids be sick. A LOT. Look at these poor little ones, well two little ones. This is NOT the picture of health.
                                          How SAD is that?
I seriously want to hire those restoration companies that come in and clean out your house after a natural disaster like a fire, flood, or earthquake. They can come and get rid of this flu bug that will not get out of here. Can't wait to put that bowl back in the cupboard where it belongs and not in front of us to catch all the puke-ola. Yucky. I'm counting on February to save us and really be the month of LOVE:)

Family Friends

I'm just having a chance to get this on here right now. Our great family friends, The Norton's who ripped out hears out when they left New Mexico and moved to Texas. They moved from Texas back to Utah and luckily were able to stop in for a visit. Amy and Greg Norton brought the sweetest family into our lives even if it was for a short time. Their oldest daughter Hailey and Alaria hit it off. They were two peas in a pod. They spent a lot of time together laughing all the way. I loved to heat them laugh. They were like little sisters. So cute. And their Son Freemen was exactly Nick's age. It was like a marriage made in heaven for the 4 of them. And we also love their Bella and Ty like honorary family members. It was seriously the saddest day when they moved away. Alaria and Nick still get sad, but for one Night they came back and the kids didn't skip a beat. They had a little sleep over and had a blast. I'm so greatful for them.
                                          Freemen, Nick, Alaria, Hailey, Bella chilling with some sickles
                                                                They love each other
                                                 Nick and Freemen lovin bachelerhood
                                               Alaria being herself and torturing poor Hailey
                                              Such a clown trying to tickle Hailey and Bella
We miss you guys. Come back Nortons !!!!!!!!!!!