Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Pictures Have Arrived

School picture time is kind of a crazy time for me, perhaps it is because you should serisouly see some of my school pictures from when I was a child. Ridonculous I say. My whole family laughs as they gather around a picture of myself at the age of 7 or so with the crazy, and I do mean crazy played out hair flying all over the place. A sweet safety pin holding my glasses together, oh wait did I call them glasses, haha they we're actually closer to the Hubble telescope, that is how thick and strong they looked. I mean really, how mean can doctors be??? haha I know, I know it was the style back then, I can hear my Mom thinking this as she reads along. But there is also a sweet red smiley face sticker I had stuck to my shirt that was a kind of white sweater with a peeling smiley face sticker and I swear they took that picture at the very end of the day. My husband actually used to carry a little copy,an old one we had found, and put it in his wallet to take it out and look at to make him laugh when he was having a bad day, or just to show people who know me, cuz I have to admit, even I think it's pretty hilarious. So, needless to say I go a little crazy on picture day. The kids have certain rules they have to obey until after their picture is taken. I always take a bunch before they leave the house because I know the pic that comes home may not even closely resemble how they left the house. But then they take these pictures and charge the most ridonculous prices and they have the most crazy backgrounds that wont match anyone's home. But, that is why we love them as school pictures I guess. So here is the home session and what we ended up buying. We have to buy a few or the kids feel bad and think we don't like them. I tried last year to just take my own outside before they left for school, but I heard about it all year how I didn't like it enough to buy one. It wasn't that it was just that those prices, really? Here at least they want you to pay $50 for a few wallets and 2 4x6. Say What? Well here we are. The great year of 2011-2012. How crazy it feels to say that.

My cuties, Alaria was so mad about wearing a tie though. I told her it makes her look smart, she said, " I don't need a tie to look smart, I am smart!" Well then, I promise it's cute. haha

Well I tried to keep him bruise free for one picture day, didn't happen. Pretty sure it never will. He is my sweet little, 'dimpled Paul Newman' as his teacher calls him. She says it will be hard to get mad at a face like that. I told her she had no idea.

6 1/2 almost 7 as he says, which is true now. sniff sniff
So this is the before and I just scanned the after's. haha I love the awesome electric blue background that will match lovely with any Decor'. The kids are so cute though I can't resist them. My sweets.
Now she has lost 2 more teeth. One of her front one's is a goner. She is my sweet girl.

Maybe I do like the Electric Blue background. It matches little Paul Newmans eyes:)
Well here we are 2011-2012 Until Next year School Pics!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well this week has been crazy. We had our first yard sale ever. I wasn't sure we would make it. I ended up with the worst sinus infection I've ever had and became intimately aquainted with 'The Netti Pot' if you don't have one and you live in a very dry, hot, or very cold place they're great. It's the first time we have ever lived in a place where we could and the first time I felt well enough to do it, besides my sinus mess. It was crazy but kind of funny too. We did pretty well. We also had Nick and Alaria's Halloween carnival. It was soooo crowded I didn't take a picture because I don't think my arm would even reach out that far. The kids had fun. I'm excited for the Ward's trunk or treat though. We are ALL dressing up. haha I haven't gotten Tyler to do that for over 10 years, so it will be interesting.
Alaria had her school musical this year. It was very patriotic. All of the songs were about Patriotism and they did a great job.

We must have pics before the EVENT. This is how she has become a master poser

This is how Nick's poses get stranger and sranger unless I threaten him with "no video games or any electronics unless he smiles normal". Alaria was being a feline of some nature she said. haha

Nick is now very interested in photography as well. I'm pretty sure it's because everytime I pick up my camera and start flipping through the memory card I find pictures of the T.V., his shoes, The painting on my wall, The wall itself, Alaria's door, his face all skewed into the camera with the biggest grin eva! It's funny But that is my evidence, or he could just like it because it is yet another electronic device that he has fun with and it has buttons he can push. Now, hopefully  I can give him Alaria's camera and she can have mine when I get my dream camera, in my dreams;)
 It was kind of a funny beginning how Tyler and I ended up in our seats though. Only me could this happen to, it's hard to explain and probably won't seem too funny to anyone lets just say it involves one crazy mother wanting to see her daughter close up, and well crawling on her hands and knees past some parents to get to a better seat and being spanked and called cute by someone, when I looked up I saw the face of the principal, who I know a little bit, but it was what I call kind of funny. What is sad is that it's not the first time I've been caught crawling away from a principal of a school though, hahaha. oh well, Old habits die hard, And I know my husband who was following me a bit behind was way more mortified then I was, and he took a different route than I did, but what matters is that we got the seats we wanted. She did awesome and looked adorable as usual.
Alaria had a speaking part, which she did awesome. This is a recreation of that moment, since my camera is crummy I couldn't get the live shot of her doing it during the program, but she had fun showing me over and over.

Alaria is a hair blurry.

The very last song that was sung they had a huge screen with pictures like this one of the Statue of Liberty, and I had sent Alaria with a picture of our friend Tim Boyce a fallen Army Soldier who died in Iraq a few weeks before returning to his wife 4 year old son, and newborn daughter after his 2nd tour was over. He is an inspiration and so is his wife Sharon whom I love to death. I admire her strength to go on and be there for her children. His picture came up and I teared up a bit. It was a very cute and touching musical they did. I love that it was patriotic. Our kids need that, so do we I believe. As an adult I needed! Here she is below teasing a boy during the performance. Not so surprising there.haha
I have been trying to downoad a video of a bit of her singing. It's very adorable and I'm sad it won't do it, I'll try to edit it and put it in another way tomorrow or sometime soon. I want you to see it. She is flirting mercilessly with a boy in her class who is in front of her, otherwise a great performance, except that I serisouly thought my camera was out of batteries and gave it to Nick and he got it to work and he got a few pics during, and when I figured it out (He wasn't sitting very close to me that's why I didn't know) I got the best shots I could. Ah well it was a great night. She just won't stop growing up.

This is Alaria's friend Pasha. She was in her school class last year, but no dice this year. They still see each oher a lot. They are in the same primary class and get to see each other at Girls Activity Day for Church. And they love to hang out.

2 Americans and proud of it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grouchy Mommy

So, I have been running around lately on a rampage with my kids about helping me more with keeping the house clean. Catching myself saying things I SWORE I would NEVER say to my kids. Which makes me laugh now because my Mom warned me, "One day you'll say the exact same things to your kids!" Which I SAID this morning. Along with, "Alaria I can always tell where you've been you leave a trail everywhere you go." Also, "Nick I can tell what room you've been in because that is where the lights are on!" that was my Dad's favorite. I wasn't in a great mood this morning anyways because I have a killer cold and have to sell a ton of things that I'm not super happy about but we do what we must. So, I'm ranting and raving at them that they never help me and could they just blah...blah...blah.. and i know for a fact that is what they hear because after we literally RUN out the door to get them to school  on time I come in to the house look around and it looks like a tornado came through it, it always does in the morning because we are always rushing, which is more my fault than theirs, but I go to get a drink of water to start cleaning and this is what I see after I just screamed my lungs out at my kids for not helping me clean up their TOYS.
Nick's Bat stuck between the handles on the fridge!

I laughed so hard because it made me pause and think what I must sound like to them sometime. It was sooooooo something he would do while I would be telling him to just help me put his toys away. I know he wasn't even thinking about what he was doing when he did it. He probably just wanted to see if it would fit there and stay. I laughed tears for awhile. I thought, there is no real reason to be in a bad mood. So, I have my kids stuff layin around here and there. Is it going to kill me? No. They have even been doing a pretty good job at helping and they are getting better at their chores as a whole. I mean as well as a child does them. I forget sometimes they are kids and they will learn slowly to get better at it as I show them. I do want them to be kids and want them to keep that innocence that they have. Ooohhh I could just hug them right now. I just wanted to say how much I love them right now. They are the loves of my life and why I do what i do. They are why I fight so hard to keep it goin! Next time I'll look at this pic and remind myself to chill out a bit and all they hear when I get so mad that I scream sometimes is blah...blah....blah... besides I remember tuning my parents out when i made them so mad they would yell. So I guess kindness really is the key.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

El Pinto, Where How Art Thou Been?

Well Doug Walker, my Bro in Law who lives in Idaho where all my family lives, the Jorgensen's, came to Albq for the ballon Festival. He is just a Nuclear Physisist, that's all. He's pretty dumb, JK. Seriously he gets to go to all the coolest big events and check for Bio-terrorism and stuff like that. He goes where high ranking govt. peeps will be and keeps us all safe. I think it would be fascinating to go to work with him one day in the field, I'm sure he would LOVE that.haha
So, we didn't get to see him at the festival because the night we we're going to meet him it rained out and I was so sad because it is really cool. Next year hopefully. He said he got to see a lot. It really is amazing. Anywho, we went to meet him at a place called El Pinto. I don't know why we've been here this long and I haven't been there. It's so pretty and a great place, but the best was the surroundings and the restaurant itself. It's huge. Half outside, trees growing through the roof, just super pretty. I took a bunch of pics. It was very Autumn I loved it. It was great to see Doug I just wished I could've seen the other3, now4 attached to him:) Here we are
Alaria toothless, Doug, Nick and his sweet shirt

This was the coolest waterfall, rock wall in the middle of the place with pumpkins all over

 So, after this Nick went AWOL and I think he followed Doug to the restroom, and got lost or was just wandering around checking stuff out, so while Ty was looking for him I took Alaria outside and took some pics. It's sooo pretty out there, and I will tell everyone to go there, it was really great food and just beautiful. I loved how they made it look like Autumn too. A lot of fun. And Alaria is my muse.

Well Hope Dougy travels home safe and I can talk my Sister into coming in feb. since I'll have been here 3 years by then. Hint Hint. Ciao

Nick's slick moves, Football baby

Well, luckily today the rain stopped for the morning and we we're able to go to Nick's first football practice this year. He loves it and is sooooo focused, which I'm not used to seeing. It's a lot of fun to watch and I'm kind of crazy Mom yelling, "Go Nick!" on the sideline.  Alaria loves to watch him and I think she gets a little jealous not to play football but just that we are watching him. It's kind of funny, so I made sure to take lots of pics of her. It was a pretty day, but i'm soooo mad we missed the glowdeo at the Balloon festival because it rained out 2 nights in a row. It's the only thing I look forward to here. but here are some cool vids for fam to see of Nick rockin and rollin!

While Nick was runnin his sweet moves that he definitey got from me, right Dad?haha I Made Alaria smile pretty with her first front tooth GONE. I can't stop staring she looks so big. I don't like it. I keep telling them to stop growing up, or else, but Courtney didn't listen and neither does Morgan, so I'm out of luck here.
So cute and supportive

She is well trained I just said, "Alaria, cute pose." And bam here we are
So there was another sweet run Nick had that I have to post here we go. He got past all of his defenders.
Although, I'm not in love with my own pics, I guess since this is for the kids they might want to remember we we're actually there with them and the pictures just didn't majically appear, Majically Delicious, sorry just had the lucky charm song in my head
yay, the sun

Saturday, hat day
Well, Nick has a lot of football left, but I caught it already before it starts to be REALLY cold at his practices. Now we are off to meet uncle Doug!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I just have to say that once again Conference was wonderful this weekend. I love that I have a DVR that I can just listen to the talks over and over. Whatever I'm struggling with it always hits me square in the heart and seems they prepared the talk just for me. I just feel so lucky to have these men who stand against all of the mainstream world and are not afraid to speak for the lord. And as President Monson said the last conference that the chasm is getting ever wider between us and the world, it's so very easy to let that ever evil one get us down. I loved what President Packer said, even though his health made it that he had to sit, he never looked taller as he proclaimed that we already know the end, "Lucifer... will lose. It has already been decided." Which side will we find ourselves on. And Saturday morning when President Dieter F. Uchdorf talked about how Satan has a way to make us feel too full of ourselves, or like me a lot, feel alone, or maybe not of much significance. It was a beautiful talk and reminded me of my mission. A beautful story that I had forgotten until then. I was going to a small church with a small branch and every Sunday we would be the second people to arrive to the meeting house. This was in Taranto, Italy. There was a man who had just been baptized and his calling was to come and get the chairs set up and greet all with a smile. I never ever saw him down or thinking, this is a lowly thing for me to have to do. He knew it didn't matter what his calling in the church was it was that he was serving the lord. It has always brought tears to my eyes to remember him. He had a bad leg and never said anything and the smile that greeted you went through to your heart and you felt like a bit of sunshine had hit it. He was so full of the spirit and knew this new church was true and it made him so happy he was happy to do anything he was asked.
I love listening to President Uchdorf's talk because he is reminding me that no one is insignificant and it is only Satan that wants us to feel this way. How lucky I am to have my husband who holds his priesthood with honor and has taken great pride in taking care of me and our children.
I have an important Doc appoinment today, and I can feel the fear creep in telling me it won't help. In times like these I must rely on my faith which is easier to have when we have all that we have at our fingertips. The scriptures, prophet, apostles, teachers, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Help me to remember these things and let the fear and anxiety be cast out so I can be my happy self that Satan does not want me to be. I love Conference and love coming away from it knowing what I need to do to be better. Do Better

Monday, October 3, 2011

Roller Derby!

So, last night I was up sooooo late, early I should say. I should've just done this blog then, but I was hurting. I am now realizing with my little reprieve I had from the pain that it may be short lived. I can feel it come on pretty bad sometimes and after a bit of sleep it can relieve a bit, but I'll take that anyday. I guess the hardest thing for me has been and will ALWAYS be the fact that I'll always have these 2 major pain disorders, diseases, whatever pop culture or the doc of the day wants to call it. Some good days, some OK, some plain horrible. What is hard is that I look the same to everyone on the outside. They don't feel that searing pain in every joint, cell, and muscle. They just may think I'm being lazy or don't want to do anything, or maybe it's a good day and I can luckily do stuff, so it confuses them. I can't blame them only pray to the Lord that if they REALLY love and care about me they will try and understand how much it hurts and how much I long for close friends and family to love me. Sounds pathetic huh. It's early and I'll admit the morning scares me. It's daunting and I never know what on that long list I'll get done and how I'll feel at the end of the night. But, enough boo hooing over it. It is what it is. I have to, as they say put my big girl panties on and make my kids feel happy no matter what is going on inside. At least I do have the gospel when I feel alone. hey just wondering out there anyone, does anyone else get lonely sometimes during the day, you stay at home mom's? Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm crazers in the head. Oh well on to better subjects. Roller Derby, yes haha. My Alaria what a funny character she is. She decided she wanted Roller Blades for her B-day. We got some and she has only had them for about a month now, and you should see her go. When she puts her mind to something, watch out. She had those things out of the box that night and was out there till dark. Her pads for her knees and wrists and stuff look like she's been riding for years, her blades are all scraped up. She is funny. Nick now wants a skate board, now that's scary. Here she is skating, or posing anway;)

Pretty in Pink

Pepto Bismol...?? i don't know

Well here goes another day. We are going to the Balloon Festival Thursday, so excited for that. So much fun. The only thing I can actually say I like about New Mexico, I know that's sad. I'm trying really hard to like it here. I know, I need to try harder!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet the Teachers...again

Well, last week we we're back at the school to meet the kids' teachers again for the new year. I have to say that I was happy to go to Alaria's class, yes I'll admit that I have a tiny little crush on him. He's a good guy and Alaria loves him, so I'm pretty sure the humongous smile she gets when she talks about him says all I need to know about the crush she has on him too. Haha. He's super organized and a very great teacher. I wish we had more like him to teach our kids. I won't bore you with my blah blah blah on my issues with our nation and it's educational system. I grew up with a Father who taught high school AP courses in Math, for a lot of years. He is still there at good ol Bonneville. He has however hung up the teaching hat, but who are we kidding he is a substitute and coaching for "free" Heller!! The night went great and Alaria got to show me all the in's and out's of the class
That's Mr. Steiner all 25 years of him. I asked Alaria if she thought he was going to bite her. She gave me a look of death.haha

Where all the studyin happens. Hope she doesn't hide anything in her droor there:)

Ah, Triangle Math , have no idea what it is, until now of course
So we have a glowing report for her. Mr. Steiner said they are so behind in testing for the gifted program and apparantly going alphabetically and who knows where they are. He said he is sure she will test in. Whatever that means. I just think they do it to freak the kids and the parents out because we are too dumb to know the difference yet.
So off we head to meet another teacher...Again. This time I'm serious. Nick's teacher is Mrs. Hoban who was also Alaria's 1st grade teacher. She is funny. She is a take prisoners kind a gal. She's old school, and it worked great with Alaria and seems to be doing great with Nicholas as well so far. He really likes her, and she seems to like him. The first day we met with her she stared at him and said, "How am I going to teach a young Paul Newman, my favorite actor? With you big blue eyes and that big dimpled smile?" It was pretty funny. She still says  it's hard for her and that she told a lot of her friends that she is teaching Paul Newman when he was 6.haha You should see Nick just play it up and smile like crazy when she compliments him.
That is his seat and his "Nicholas that he made" Perty handsome

I guess he's shorter than the average poster guts guy
Alaria loved Mrs Hoban and because of her she came out reading 4 levels ahead. She is a great, dedicated teacher. Alaria always loves to give her hugs in the halls. She always tries to say hello.  I think Nick is so proud that his sister was in his class;)

Mrs. Hoban getting to hug Paul Newman
It looks like things are going pretty well. It was just an open house, so parents teacher conferences are coming up and we'll see then what kind of trouble they are getting into haha. THe kids took us out back to show us some of the new play area.
For any of my old friends, yes that's Alaria in SKORTS not a skirt playing on the monkey bars,haha

Is there a test I don't know about?

  • That looks safe

Do you like the nice dirt extra parking lot? Over the river and through the woods.......

 So, we took the kids to Applebee's for a job well done and well it might have factored in a little that Tues night at applebees is $0.99.yay SO, why not, well turns out it happened to be a very special night for us because Daffy Duck was there, OK so this, he or she wouldn't talk and seemed to linger and I was freaked. I'm like get a picture and GOOOOO. The kind of sad thing was that the kids thought it was totally cool and Tyler and I we're making horrible jokes, so I'm torn. How sad when does it switch from that really magical thing to, Oh grab him daffy's coming? I ... I so dont know but I would love to trust daffy again wouldn't you???

            OK, so he did freak me out a whole lot, but don't let my kids hear you say that. What is natural about a grown man wearing a daffy suit, running into the walls, The kids thought he was doing it on purpose but he also tripped twice that I saw and almost took out a waitress with his tail. Seriously he hates his job, and is prbably heavily medicated but then who would want to put that thing on? Ewwww....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The story of her Three White Dresses

OK for the purpose of having the kids have a minor journal of the finer points in their lives, I must stick to getting this done. I will re-attempt to re-create that beautiful weekend.
But here I go again on doing Alaria's Baptism page. It was such a beautiful day. Because we we're in Utah for Great Grandma's funeral we we're able to get her baptism done in Utah that weekend thanks to my sister in law Moncia. Which I can never thank her enough. It really was so wonderful of her and Ty to let us use their Stake Center and the Bishop for taking his time to do it.
Well, the program had a bit of a theme to it. A very special idea that my Mother thought of when Alaria was born was to make her blessing dress out of my wedding dress. There was soooo much fabric from it and I thought it was a beautiful idea. I had come across a poem that was about Three White Dresses that has always touched me and it has been very special to actually let Alaria have this for her to have and cherish when she is truly old enough to understand. Here is the beautiful blessing dress my Mom made from my wedding dress.
The dress to me was so amazing and beautiful. My Mom hit a home run. We had several people even come over to see the dress so they could copy the pattern, which there wasn't one, my Mom always chucks the patterns and comes up with amazing things
And here we are 8 years later with her Baptism dress. Her second dress of white. She actually didn't use any other material as every piece came from my wedding dress. I will have professional pics done, and then post so you can see the beautiful intricate details. Just amazing.
The details are hard to see in this light, but I will get a good replacement so you can see the beautiful details and all of the beads and lace she removed and sewed into the new dress.
The reason the 3 White dresses is so important to me has a bit of a backstory. I made up the programs and then I inserted a poem about "The Three White Dresses" and on the back I had a little collage of Alaria and her family and friends. It was so hard to pick any pictures and you probably won't be able to see a lot of the pictures very clearly, but I will add it, so Alaria will always have it. Here is the program
This is funny because we made a ton of copies and I got left with the badgered, wrinkly one, but I guess it wouldn't be any other way. My Dad gave a beautiful talk about Baptism and Recieving The Holy Ghost. He is a hero of mine and I was so happy to have him there to talk to Alaria about these things. She is so willing to learn and is honestly the most pure spiritual little soul I have ever met. I know I'm prejudice, but I'm imagining something very trying will be coming because Heavenly Father has to send down spirits as strong as hers. It is a wonder to watch her soak up everything and be the best exmple for all of our family.I also dragged my beautiful girls ( nieces to be exact, but they have always been more like little sister's to me) to help. Morgan my sweet Senior in high school who is Student body President and is so busy made time to come and play the piano. She did such a wonderful job. Believe me I know how scary it is to get up and play in front of a small crowd where it is so quiet. She should be greatful for those lessons. She is beautiful inside and out. Courtney, Morris, still so strange to call my newlywed that helped me lead the music. Tyler baptized Alaria and it was so special. I'm told that after she started to walk up the stairs to get dry, and I had just walked out to get to her that her little brother Nicholas put his little hands up to the glass and yelled after her, " I Love, or "Wove" you Alaria. It brings tears to my eyes that she is already such an example. I had Morgan come help me to get her ready having her there was special to me. I felt her love for Alaria just as much as I love her and her sister. It meant more than she'll ever know.
Well, we got back and it was my turn to give my little poem of the "Three White Dresses." Here is the insert I put into the program one side with the poem and the other with a few pictures of Alaria and her special family and great life.

It was too hard to decide which pictures to put in since I have millions I'm sure. I tried to get all her family and special cousins that she loves so much.

This poem means a lot to me and I know you can't read it. This was the insert into the program. I will write it so you can read it. But after I got married, I posed with Courtney my little angel bug who I drug with me everywhere I could. She is in her baptism dress and holding a very special doll that has on her blessing dress, and of course myself in my wedding dress.

My Three White Dresses
My Mom bought me a white dress, Not red or pink or blue.
She said it was a special dress like very other few.
There has been just one before, A dress now put away.
That I wore some time ago upon my blessing day.
As a little baby clothed, In my first white dress
My Dad held me in his arms, There to name and bless.

So pure and clean was I just then, With time to grow and learn
About the Father's plan for me, My glory I must earn.

Now I've reached the age to judge, The wrong road from the right,
And I am here to be baptized, In this dress of white.
So, once again I'm free from sin. The path is clear to me.
I'll grasp the rod and hold on tight, I vow with certainty.
Just as mud would stain my dress, Sin would stain my soul.
The key is to repent or bleach, For whiteness is my goal.

And if I try my very best, Then richly blessed I'll be.
Wearing inside God's Holy House, White dress number three.
So today I make this pledge: I'll strive to choose the right,
Through this sacred baptism ordinace, In my second dress of white.
Linda nelson
When I was in young women's they took all of us young women to a hotel overlooking the Idaho Falls Temple and talked about these special white dresses. It is special to me becuase it was one of those defining moments when I felt the spirit whisper to me that I would be inside God's Holy house with the right Man at the right time. Now, watching Alaria grow it is a hope that can wrench the soul to have her there. I guess with the weekend before and being in the temple with my sweet Courtney and Ryker it was a very special few weeks.
 While we we're getting Alaria into her dress after the baptism we played a video that so perfectly put into song the Three White Dresses, please watch this video it will bring tears to your eyes, besides it took me for ever to get it downloaded onto here. Please watch
Well, now that I have already written a book I have so many pictures I have to include. There we're so many faces there that I was thrilled to have. Tyler's family that could come and my family that could come and also sweet friends that left us stranded in New Mexico, haha. It was wonderful. I was thrilled that Alaria had both of her Grandparents there, both so sweet and special in their own ways. Alaria is so close to them and she honestly cries because she misses them, so when she doesn't get to see them as often as we'd like. I will always be greatful she has them in her life and I consider it sacred.
Grandma and Grandpa Jorgensen, Alaria, and Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen
The other sweet face I couldn't get over was seeing sweet Great Grandpa there after being what he had been through that whole time and he came to support Alaria. I told Grandpa that when I was born I had my Grandma Jorgensen who was getting along in age and was so sweet and we saw her at Holiday's and she was very quiet. When I met him and Great Grandma I thought they were the cutest little Granparents I'd ever seen, and they had a way of making you feel like you we're the only one. I just love him to pieces. I was thrilled he was there.
Too sweet for words
Like I said it is so amazing Alaria has all of her grandparents to share her life with. I know one day she'll realize how amazing that really is. So here are a lot of pictures with her Grandparents
LeAnne and Tom gave Alaria her first set of beautiful scriptures. Her name is engraved and the first night after she got them and we we're staying with our friends' the Nortons. Alaria got out her scriptures and read a bit of 1 Nephi to her best little friend Hailey. They then held hands and said a prayer. Cutest thing ever.

Grand Masterpiece. We have saved a piece of the rest of my wedding dress to make a slip for something old, and she can pick her own dress and have a slip underneath to connect it to her dresses.

She's not spoiled at all. LeAnne was the only one who could make Alaria laugh like a maniac when she was a baby. She grew up her first few years at the Sorensens. So they have a special bond. And Grandma Jorgensen can't resist Alaria either. She is so lucky to have the 2 best Grandma's ever!

A Picture Is Worth a Thosand Words
So, now we will move on to brother, Nicholas, who is never far behind and wanted to be right there for every shot. He was so excited. After the baptism he said to me, " Mom I only have one more Birthday and then I get to be like Alaria!" He loves his sister so much and I will never cease to keep that bond strong.

Nick has to try and out do everyone, so since g-pa held Alaria he wanted to be higher up and on the shoulders. Good thing Grandpa is so loving and playful with the kids. Miss my pops terribly
 Now we had all of the cousins that could come and of course my Sister Michell, who I was so excited she could make it with Morgan and Courtney and Ryker the newleyweds!

Corkie and Morgana, two Nick names Alaria gave to the girls

Best of pals, Girl's nights and a lot of hercules:)

Corkie the great example along with her sister. Don't forget us little people now that you are married Court:)haha

Alaria really doesn't enjoy their company;(, NOT) her eyes light up when Ryker is nearby. Thanks for being such a great example of what to do

Here are more of some of Alaria's Cousins. She loves her cousins and we all wish she could see them more often.
Jaden and Seth, or Saden and Jeth as Alaria calls them. So sweet. Love these two sweets and wish we could see them more

Macady who Alaria adores. When Alaria was a baby she was the first girl cousin to come along on the Sorensen side, so they had so much fun together. Macady always took care of Alaria.
I have pics of all of her cousins somewhere in the last blog, but while we we're doing pics in her baptism dress I couldn't round up everyone, but she loves them all and they have made her life so fun. It was so sweet for them to all come. We missed Bryson who will get home from his mission in a month, can't believe that at all. And Lydia and Adalie couldn't make it, but I know they so wanted to be there that weekend. And of course my brother and his family. I missed them so much it hurt a bit in my heart. Brady and Alaria are very close and I would've loved for him to see it.

Here are a few Aunts and Uncles I could track down to get a picture from

Aunt Michell, who actually helped me take all these pics, because I was inside busy losing stuff I needed. I only hope I can be half the mother she has been to her girls. We love her so much, and I miss her.

Uncle Derick and Aunt Katie, We are so happy to have Katie in our family over a year now. Derick has always treated my kids so great we love him for that. I still can't believe he lives in Idaho Falls, and I'm here in well.... whatev. Hopefully we'll live close one day.
I don't know how I missed Mike, Monica, Ty, Brett. I got them all when we we're celebrating Derick's b-day but I wanted a huge group pic with everyone after it was over and I was way too slow for that. Everyone went to Monica's for all the good food. But I can't thank them enough for coming. I know they we're all busy and from the funeral they needed to get home, but we're so greatful they stayed.

Here are most of Tyler's Brother's and Sister, and family. It was great to have them all there.

Another great surprise was alot of the friends that we have made here in Albquerque that have moved from here to Utah were able to make it. I was so happy. Here are a few of their pics.

This is Ethan from the Hancey family Alaria's "First" (boyfriend) or pass notes around declaring love for each other, so cute. And the picture above is with one of Ethan's sister's, Clara, who is Nick's age and he tells me they are also boyfriend and girlfriend. I have many notes and cute cards from all of them back and forth that are too cute. It was amazing they came. We miss them so very much. I have a picture of Alaria at Ethan's baptism that I will have to share, so cute.
This is Hailey Norton, Alaria's best friend, even though they live very far apart now. They talk a lot on the phone and send a lot of letters. I so wish we lived near them as well.

I guess this leaves Mom and Dad. We we're so happy with the way the day went.

Nick was AWOL at this point, but it was a great baptism.

Well, after the baptism Monica and Ty we're so sweet to let everyone come on over for some grub so I just have some pics of everyone enjoying the day.
                                         It was so sweet for Great G-pa to give Alaria $20 for her Birthday for him to think of her at a time like this in his life is remarkable. Tom and LeAnne gave Alaria her first set of scritpures and all of the boys', Uncles, and cousins gave her that beautiful scripture carrying case, and she is wearing a necklace you can see that is so sweet from The Girls', Aunts, and cousins. Thanks Sorensen's

                                                   Thanks Monica for her special cake!!!
This is obviously a great shot of everyone there singing to her.
This is with the Hancey's Nick, Clara, Alaria, Ethan, and Meredith. Can't wait to see them soon!
This is some of the Norton's Nick, Freemen, Alaria, Hailey, Bella, we are missing Ty, and a baby still cooking.
We had a very long drive back to New Mexico and the Norton's live farther South from Monica so we thought we could get a head start and let the kids play. When we went it broke my heart to hear the hysterical laughter they always had. You always want the best for your kids, but for some reason I just see into those big brown eyes of Hailey and I wish Alaria could be close to her. That night, the first night she had her scriptures after the baptsim Alaria read to Hailey and they held hands while they prayed. Oh, it was the most precious thing and I want to freeze time there for them so badly.
Staying there was great and I do hope we get closer to Utah to be near our great friends. It means everything to have good friends who really love and care about you and your children. Everytime we make close friends here, they move. We've managed to drag one back and keep a few. But the kids had a great time that weekend.

                                       "A Friendship born so young, With hearts so pure and strong
                              Keep them in your loving arms and each other's memory long" MOM

So off we were back to New Mexico, and have been pretty busy here. I have to get caught up with "current" events this happened like 3 weeks ago. So, I have to hussle and get it all done. I had NO idea once so ever it would be quite the craziness it was but it was great to have all who could come. I depart with of course of few more pics and you want to know the funny thing. My camera I have right now is , well I hate it. I am waiting on a new really nice one. I'm not a fan of the quality of the pics and I still have to take Alaria in for her Portraits with her dress. Once I get that done I'll hopefully have spent the time to figure out how to group them together. Here are a few parting Pics. Thank you to all. I love you so!

enough said
OK OK I know this is like 60 pages of pictures and I get it, but how do you choose which ones to keep and not put in. I wish you could really see the details of the dress. As soon as I get her in a studio I can swap them out. This is a sweet tradition for Alaria. She will have a slip made out of my wedding dress to put under the dress of her choice. You probably think I'm crazy talking wedding, but watching Courtney get married has me thinking that time goes by so fast you can't even wrap your head around it. I know I missed a lot about the 2 weeks surrounding the wedding, the funeral and the baptism. Oh and the 4 trips back and forth to Idaho, utah in a 2 week period, but I tried to recall what I could from memory. I want Alaria and Nick to remember this weekend for the real reason. That we can be baptised for our sins and renew it every week because of our brother Jesus Christ.