Thursday, September 22, 2011


 I almost just threw my computer through the wall. I just spent 2 days worth on finishing alaria's baptism page so she can have it all there, all her pictures, family, Friends. I think I downloaded over 20 pics a video and was down to the last bit and my computer seriously erased it. I'm sitting next to tyler who is sleeping, should he feel scared? haha Wow I'm going crazy now that's alll. Oh, yeah there is the little tick in my eye, starting to twitch. Raarrrr. Now, tomorrow I will research an easier way to get a bunch of pics for big events on my blog, like a collage, anyone know of any good ones that will take me through a tutorial to block together pics, great. usually I don't have so many pics to download but it's the first time maybe ever besides our wedding day that both sides of our family are in the same place together, that's rare,save of course my brother and his family which is obviously a glaring ommission and my sis in law Lydia and Adalie, whom I wish they'd been there, but they would be happy because they wouldnt have been in so many pictures. ahhhhhh Breathe. Too many pictures around me. I need to destress. For me that is soing something funny or silly. I really need my sweet dear grade school friend, she lived on my street and late in the summer on stressful nights right when school started back up we would Tee Pee people, just randomly on our street. They probably knew it was us, but it was funny. Maybe Shellie and I should dress in trench coats again and put nylons over our face and kidnap insuspecing friends after their shift at the Grocery store. hmmm Too bad she lives in Idaho. Way too may things to re-ive i suppose, but I'm serisouly soooooooooo mad right now. It was going to be DONE and made nicely into a book. I seriously need a partner in crime. I can't drag Alaria in yet, she's a bit too young. Maybe I'll just prank Tyler right now. At least I'll feel a little better, Ok, Over and Out. Woah I know who can help he's been a bruiser from the time he was born, not afraid of nothin and he knows how to conceal his face, thats'a right, My nicola, little italiano
He's always been bruised scarred and scratched, he can take care of it

Nick's a clever little one tryin to be a trickster, Good partner, but he's got too big a mouth

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FINALLY, her big day

 This is finally time to write about Alaria's baptism. I'm a little crazoid in the head though because in my mind there was an amazing story that happened to our little family in these last few weeks. Of course I want to just write it down. And, I just think to myself  Blog's show the most recent events, so this will make no sense, perfect it is Yvette we are talking about anyway. Now in my excitement to get started with telling about Alaria's day I just realized this lap top is going to run out of battery and so am I, so I will charge it and get it up. She wants me to write about it first so she can show her friends at her Sleep over B-day Party she gets in 2 weeks. Tyler is totally pumped and ready to do nails. But here is a little jump into the future so you can see how exciting the day was and how amaizing Alaria was! I seriously just said, "Jump", and there she is the cutest thing to ever be!

It's true. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Center of Attention

So, as we are still talking about a long weekend in Utah we turn our attention back to the Birthday girl. We are still celebrating of course. Alaria wouldn't have it any other way. She was so excited because Grandma and Grandpa Jorgensen came to Utah for Grandma Great's funeral, so they could be there to celebrate her batism. Also my sister Michell, and my niece Morgan came, and so did the newleyweds Courtney and Ryker. She was thrilled I tell ya. Court is lucky Ryker is taken or she'd have a run for her money. I know an 8 year old with a serious crush. haha So everyone got there Saturday after the funeral and luncheon for Great Grandma. They decided to take Alaria out to celebrate with her since we live so far away for her B-day

Basically 2 big sisters to spoil her and teach her all kinds of things, Huh girls?!!!!


Ok, so apparantly they are soooo popular as Alaria told Michell on the phone that she wanted a "Monster High Doll" I had no idea. They thought it was pretty funny though. Thanks for that, now I have to get the set, not only Cleo De Nile.haha

So sweet, a bracelet to wear to the baptism. Loves

Speaks for itself, I think
Needless to say they spoiled her as usual. It was so fun to see them. I just love them so much. I miss them and told them a long time ago to quit growing up. It didn't work. Alaria adores them and they treat her like gold always no matter what is going on in their lives. I can never thank them enough for that. Thanks sis for coming. Morgana I love you. Court and Ryker thanks for coming I know you are so busy with the demands of a new life coming at you, but I'm so glad to see you so happy. Thanks for swimming with Alaria. I'm glad no one got hurt playing Chicken in the pool, and court those diving lessons were invaluable:)

Saying Goodbye, For now

Well, here we are now on September 9th. This was the night of Great Grandma Sorensen's viewing. I knew it would be tough. The kids love great G-ma and G-pa Great so much. It was so great to be able to live in Colorado for awhile when they moved in with Tom and LeAnne. Then, we we're able to see them a lot when we would visit for holiday's and what not. When I was born I had my Grandmother Jorgensen. She was a sweet, but with some age and I don't remember much, but a few sweet memories of her. When I met Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen for the first time it was for Tyler's mission farewell. They we're the cutest Grandma and Grandpa you could imagine. They reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting the way they looked with Grandpa's white hair and Grandma's hilarious sayings. When we got married and we visited them in St. George it was so fun. They taught us how to play hand and foot a great card game. And you don't mess around with that, it was serious business. I would laugh so hard at them when we would play cards, Grandma used to say, "Oh My Lanta", and "For the Land of Gocean" which I thought she was saying "Oh, Atlantic Ocean." So funny to sit and listen to the 2 of them. We will certainly miss Grandma Great a lot.
At the viewing the kids were so sweet and tender. I was worried they might be scared, but Alaria just kept holding Grandma LeAnne's hand and asking all kinds of questions. I thought she would be crying, but she didn't cry until she saw her Grandpa Tom cry and Grandpa great cry. Then, she lost it and went straight to Grandma Sorensen, LeAnne and stuck by them the whole time. Nicholas went up to her and I was trying to explain, but he just started to cry. I took him in the corner and he said, " I know she did her duty, but I'm just going to miss her!" He is so sweet and I was amazed at how much they understood. Alaria took Nick by the hand and was trying to explain everything. Then, uncle Derick took him and was helping him to calm down a little, and he helped the tears. The next day at the funeral, Alaria stuck right by her grandma and grandpa Sorensen. LeAnne gave a beautiful talk about Great Grandma and Macall, Linda's daughter, Tyler's cousin gave a great talk that made us laugh and remember how funny Grandma great was. It was a beautiful ceremony. When we went to the gravesite it was right next to the Bountiful temple on a beautiful day.

It was very beautiful. The flowers were amazing, especially with the 9/11 Tribute there with the American Flags


Grandma Sorensen, Alaria, and Nicholas

Alaria and Macady

All the Great Grandkids got a rose from Great grandma and Jaden was sprinkling his petals for Grandma

Sargeant Timothy Boyce

While we were there we saw a lot of American flags in the cemetary and a few years ago Tyler and I had a married couple, Tim and Sharon Boyce who are our best of friends. Tim passed away in Iraq from a brain hemmorage a few weeks before returning from his second tour of duty. He was coming home to his 3 year old son and a newborn, Grace. And, his wife Sharon who had just defeated Cancer. I was so surprised to see his name there being honored among the heroes fighting in the war for 9/11. The funeral was on September 10th. There were a lot of names being honored. He was actually laid to rest at that cemetary, so it was a happy sight to see him honored there.

 Timothy Boyce

Avrey, Macady, Alaria, and Nick,     Avrey was great Grandma's first great great Grandaughter

A beautiful sight to me
Macady, Cason, and Alaria at the luncheon after the service
The day went very well for the funeral. It was a beautiful day for that. I know Grandma Great is resting with the Angels now.I so love the Sorensen Family. It was so nice to get to see all of the Cousins and Aunts and Uncles. We vowed that we will have a Sorensen family reuion every year. So, next year I will have pictures of all of us. We Love you Grandma!

Are we there yet?

So, it seems like this will be the question engrained in my head forever. Nick asking, "Are we there yet". Since we drove to Idaho Sept 24, and it took us about 15 hours to get there, we did stay the night near Moab, Utah. Then, made our way to Idaho Falls for the wedding. Then we made the trek back to New Mexico after the weekend. Then we turned around and headed back to utah, about a 11 hour trip 2 weekends later. Trust me my friends it is not fun. Especially in our tiny car. But, I will not trash my little rockin ball of white steel. It is our friend and has gotten us to many, many places. So, still the road trip we are talking about. Well, when we got home from Idaho and the wedding and the Lagoo trip, we had a special week. Alaria had her 8th B-day which I posted already. She loved it.
Little miss sunshine the day after turning 8

She's my girl
She had a great B-day. We took her to eat and she had her interview with the bishop for her baptism. She got some of her gifts. In the Jorgensen clan, now obviously this Sorensen clan we like to drag out a birthday for at least a week. And this time would be no different. She was being so cute and sweet about being baptised. It came at an amazing time in my life as well. As I've been saying something had started changing in me as well. While in Utah, something wierd was going on with my body, but I wasn't sure what and I was even scared to tell Tyler about it. But, finally I was acting so wierd Tyler just said, "what is going on with you?" I just told him I wasn't too sure, but when we travelled home and everything my body felt so bizarre and numb, but it was starting to change as far as the Fibro is concerned. After about a week. I woke up one morning and the numbness was gone and I was waiting for the wave of serious pain to hit and all of those who have serious Fibro know what I mean. The moment you open your eyes you dread the reality setting in, but this morning it didn't come. I could move and I didn't feel like I had the flu and the fatigue was down. I didn't know what do to. I was freakin out seriously. It's been 12 years since I've felt that way, and I've only had a few days where I've felt a little better, but never a time where it was just GONE. But, it was, GONE. How can I say that it is anything but a miracle. I was at my wits end and here in NM having serious problems with my Doctors. I immediately dropped to my knees and cried for over and hour. Yet, I am still cautious. I feel better than I can remember in 12 years. I still have a few issues like my IC. Interstitial Cystitis which is a bladder and pelvic lining infecction, but I have a very best friend who's husband says that they're are amazing new treatments for that too. I have pushed harder and harder each day and I do find some things with my joints, and I know I'll always have food allergies and have to watch that, but I am cautiously optimistic that all of the dreams I had for my family will be a reality. I will say it has been something to get used to. I'm just used to feeling so crappy all of the time I don't really know quite what to do with myself. But, the night Alaria had her baptism interview I told the Bishop immediately that he needs to put me to work because I know the lord is teaching me and the faith I've had to practice for 12 years has grown and is still growing, but that is what I meant when I said in an earlier blog that I had grown up. I feel more reliant on the Lord than ever before and serisouly I know he was waiting for this. I know they don't mess around either because I told the bishop and that weekend I was asked to be the Activity Day Girl's Leader, which is funny because Alaria has been soooo excited to go and do that,so I'll get to be there with her, and Tyler who is with the Young men every Wed. Plus, I will get to teach a primary class, just not sure which one yet. I'm just hoping that it all holds and this will be for real and I will keep the faith that this healing will hold and if I do get symptoms again there is a good reason, but for now, it's a miracle in my life and home! Everyone has been so much happier and the kids are helping each other.

Alaria always trying to be the helper, she's lucky if Nick will let her
 They are loving school which is always a relief. Anyways this road trip was for 2 things. We had to go for Great Grandmas funeral and for Alaria's baptism. Grandma was being buried in Bountiful, Utah, so her funeral was there. All of Tyler's family would be there and my family is all from Idaho Falls, Id, and Court and Ryker live in Provo, so Monica had a great plan to save us and have the baptism in utah so everyone could be there for Alaria. We we're just going to be missing my brother Todd and his family which was really hard for me. I wanted him there. And Brett's wife Lydia and Adalie couldn't make it either. So, now we are finally back in Utah and we are preparing for grandma's funeral and the Baptism.
 JWe got to Utah and the viewing was Friday Sept 9th. It was also Derick's B-day. Poor D. He has some kind of stigma attached to his granmother's funerals, sorry derick, I love ya. Anyways, we went out to celebrate for his b-day before the viewing. And Great Grandpa was such a sport in being there I just wanted to hug him the whole time.

So very huggable, Alaria loves him, we all do

The Berger's , I want your Rib recipe Ty:)

Well we went to a pizza joint and I tried to capture all who was there, so we will remember!

Jaden and Alaria the 2  Actors of the family

Such an adorable picture. I told Cason to smile and he yelled," Cheese" and leaned into his Dad

I wouldn't leave these 2 alone in an empty room

This was us after a long day at the restaurant.

After we went for Derick's B-day it was time to come home and get ready for the viewing which we knew would be a hard experience for all of us. The little ones had been kept cooped up in the house or places all day they went out to jump for a minute. It was pretty cute. Here is my always crazy son and Alaria trying to get Cason to like her, just a little.
Flippy Nicky

Nick, Alaria, and Cason

I love all the pictures of the kids. I want my kids to have a much possible family around them to love and  have to cherish. Otherwise, what are we doing? We must love one another, forget mistakes we all make and in times like these, when one we love goes home we much evaluate where we are. Teach our children to love their families no matter what. I wish I could post more. I have the viewing and the funeral to cover. It was hard and the kids were very brave, and I will write about that part of the miracle later. As for the person standing behind the lens of this photo, I was feeling light and airy and like I had breath in my lungs again for the first time in forever. Maybe this miracle will get better with time because of the few issues still a little there, but to me it's a miracle the way i feel and I would've taken one day to feel that way, but here I am a few weeks down the road trying to be faithful that Im not pushing, but that this is exactly the answer to my prayers. More of our beautiful weekend soon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

On and on and on

So, still talking about my great 2 weeks, I must move on even though I will have to post pics later. I have some adorable ones of Courtney and the kids from her wedding. I'll add those later. But the wedding and temple we're absolutely wonderful. It was great to see. Although of course we had to add some Jorgensen drama of course. (For my Mom's sake I won't tell about how she seriously almost forgot her skirt to the temple!haha I will always remember that and it will make me smile) Right before we left for Idaho I got a new temple reccomend and Tyler even asked me three times if I had it. "Of course I have my new one in the case," I say with certainty. So, we are already running a few minutes late to the ceremony and we are searching for one of Court's roomates from school to take her to the temple ceremony. And this has never happened to me before, but mapquest left out a street and we we're lost. But in the car Tyler is looking at my reccomend which he notices is my OLD one. So, now I can't breathe we are almost late and now I have to walk into the temple already crying and having a huge panic attack because I'm thinking, no way will they let me in without my reccomend. Good thing Tyler was the one who interviewed me and the workers knew my Dad and it was a sealing, so luckily we saw the beautiful ceremony .Luckily it worked out. We saw a lot of family and friends and it was a great time. We also got to watch them open all of their gifts. I guess Courtney has always felt more like a sister than a niece. Courtney and Morgan we're always my soft place to fall. When I was happy, sad, uncertain, whatever I would find them and they would save me from any unpleasantness, or help me enjoy a moment and make it sweeter. Through my whole life, Court was born when I was 12 and Morgan when I was 15. I just have always loved those two like they are my own. It was a special moment to sit by Tyler and my Dad in the Temple watching Courtney and Ryker look into forever. It meant a lot to me. And in a moment everything changed. I saw myself leave to a higher plane or something. It was all so spiritual and hard to expain. I loved looking at my sister who is so special to me. She is the best example of a mother and my Mom sitting next to her. It was really beautiful. I'll post pics later of the amazing job Michell did with the reception. I just wish Court and Ryker all the best. That was a great part of the weekend. Then, we had to drive home. It was about this time things started to change. Unfortunately Tyler's Great Gradma had a heart attack the day Court got married, so we left Idaho and went to Utah which was on route to get home, but we we're thinking we may stay so we could be there in case Grandma passed and we we're able to stay in Utah for the funeral. We had also promised the kids that we would take them to Lagoon while we were passing through Utah. This had all been planned before the trip was made. So, early on the morning we we're leaving to go to Utah and hit Lagoon I woke up feeling worse than I think I have in the whole 12 years I've been srtuggling with my illness, and other illnesses,haha. Not really that funny I guess. But, I woke up at my Mom's and I wondered how in the world am I going to make it to Utah, through a day at Lagoon and home and get my daughter through to a wedding like the one I've just witnessed with the way I'm feeling right now. I've have many very serious talks with the Lord swearing that I was at the end of my rope, but instead I found that I must not be because I'm still there dealing with the fatigue, pain, serious guilt, fear and judgment from people I love for years not understanding my position I'm in. Now, I'm getting all serious. But I guess I'm the only one who really see's all of this anyway, and hopefully my kids will have it for a journal,that is why I do it really, but I want them to know what life was like, and what I believe a real Miracle looks like.
Anyways, I've had these talks and prayers with him before, but this time it was different. I really seriously didn't know where I would get it from, the strength. My poor Mom who was going to come to Lagoon with us to help me out, and my Dad of course came down and hugged me and told me she hadn't slept at all the night before. And she had broken her toes at some point during the night of the reception. She said she just couldn't make it. I knew she needed to stay home and sleep. But, I will say I was so sad and having flashbacks of when I was 7 and 10 and even last year when they were with us at Lagoon. In fact it would be the first time without them. I know, selfish but I would miss them and physically I knew it would be interesting. I hadn't slept either and for me it's not good to get no sleep with my conditions. The pain is a lot worse, but we strapped in on, and headed to Utah. We went to Lagoon and there were a lot of great things that happened and not so great things. To save time and to just save the memory from my kids and others I will skip a lot of it. The long and short of it was that Tyler had to leave Lagoon for a period and I found myself sitting there alone with the kids feeling like my legs were going to give out any moment. I just moved from ride to ride with a perma grin to tell them that I was fine, but my body was screaming at me. I was also wondering how I was supposed to be my big jovial Dad's personality, who makes everything so much fun at all times, and my Mom who is the most unselfish person I know and always takes the kids and takes them on their rides and lets everyone else do what they want. She says it is her joy to watch the grandchildren. One day I'll ask her and maybe I'll get the truth of wether that is true or she was just letting us have our joy and letting the grandkids have theirs too. But I felt a bit alone. We had our niece and nephew with us, but they we're riding some fun rides because I didn't want them bored while Tyler was gone and we were riding the little kid rides and we were waiting for Tyler's brother to get there. So, I sat there and hugged my 2 little ones and threw up a prayer of help that I'd never done before and fought back the tears of feeling extrememly sad and lonely and mostly in a lot of pain. That is a moment that seems so silly and why would it be a big deal, but I grew up that moment. Mom and Dad were gone. Tyler was gone and I had to be everyone at once and I realized with my health no one was going to ride in and change anything at all. I realized I had to change the idea of Faith that I had always had in my head. This was a different Faith in God and Jesus Christ I had to have. It was a personal revelation I guess, but for me it was a life changing moment. As a child I always used to tell my parents I was going to serve a mission, but to Lagoon. It was always a joke in our family. Italy was a great substitute, but little did I know it would actually be true in a way, that Lagoon of all places my life would change. Finally, Tyler's brother, Mike came and saved the day. He was just so sweet to me and the kids. I could cry right now thinking of it. He had no idea how many tears I had cried that day, or how I had been crying on the colossus or any of the rides.  So, funny. Tyler then showed up and we got Nick's big honkin skate shoes that made him just tall enough to get him on all the big rides. So, for some reason my body literally went a bit numb and I just white knuckled it through the big day at Lagoon. It was also an awesome day too. Alaria and Nick we're able to ride ALL the big rides. It sort of freaked me out that they were able to get on all of them. I saw that they are not my babies anymore. That made me sad. The day was definitely one for my record book. After Lagoon we got home and as a family we had to pray for Great Grandma who I wrote earlier had had a heart attack. We waited an extra day to see what would happen. After Lagoon Ty and Monica, who always let us stay in their home, always, we owe them, made us a great dinner. Smoked ribs and brisket my favorite, Sorensen tradition, the smoker. I was waiting for the pain to whoosh in and take me out. That night we got the kids down and my body still felt very numb and it's hard to explain for anyone who is not inside my body, but the best way to explain was that the blood was not circulating at all. I couldn't feel my feet for real and I just felt a real empty painful wierd feeling healthwise. I didn't think I would sleep at all. I hadn't been sleeping prior to this. Well to my surprise I slept that night. I was shocked. We waited the next day at Monica's to hear about Grandma and decided to make the trip home and see from there. Well, We got home and Grandma passed that Sunday the 4th I believe of September. I will continue on with MY story that impacted me. While I type it seems kind of bizarre that it would even matter to anyone, but I want to remember how it happened and what happended to me. I know I need to keep a journal and this, to me is the best way to keep my stories of my family, kids and pictures. Tomorrow I will write about the weekend we had to turn around and head back to Utah for another amazing road trip in the car for hours. We do need a larger car, that is for sure. haha

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brain Freeze

 Wow, I'm having a hard time sleeping right now because my brain is going a hundred miles per square inch,, see I don't know. I just have to write a little bit about how crazy my last two weeks have been. They have been 2 of the most important weeks and shoved into the tiny 10 % of our brain they say we use. So I wish my brain was using all of itself right now. It needs to be selfish for my sake. I can't possibly say all my feelings at once about all that has happened. Maybe if I try a quick overview, you know like when they show some awesome product on TV that looks way too good to be true to be able to buy for that low low price, then you can hear great music, but there is a definite subtle voice in the background saying, "only sold in one store in america and may cause bodily damage, and you must finance for 12 years at 18%, and you can sell your firstborn son, and what not." There is always background noise that you have to figure out before you can process. My basic process right now that I'm trying to sort out is that last week there was an event that shoved me into Finally feeling like a grown up. I know I should've already felt that way, but I didn't. I still thought I was extremely young. For the little bit of sad in the story, I think it's becuase when I started to get sick I had just returned home from Italy and gotten married and time sort of froze in my mind at that point. I guess I kept thinking life would move on once the cure came and I could get back to normal. Silly, I realize now, but it was all part of the lesson I guess. So, maybe you are or you're not curious as to what shoved me into this grown up state of mind. Well, just a few weeks ago I even know the exact date which is wierd because I usually don't know when or where I am. But I was trying to get ready for a major road trip and my body was like, "hahaha you are crazy lady if you think I will sit on your harder than hard passenger side seat for 2 days, with your 2 kids needing MOM MOM MOM MOM every few seconds without any sleep and feeling so crapola and just plain worried about our health." My body is pretty stubborn it must be that huge percent of the brain that doesn't work, who knows. But because it is so late and I really need to rest this body I will leave the story here, so I can work it all in, so in 40 years when I can only use 3% of this brain. I will be able to read about the 2 weeks that so greatly changed my life. There was a road trip that I was so excited and scared for. I'll leave a few pictures to show you why I was making a road trip and to where. Also, to keep myself focused on finishing my story, to let myself show more because I love these pictures and later I'll tell you why. Besides the fact that Photography is my passion it is the subjects that now interests me.
Courtney McCall Walker
My Sister is an amazing photographer, but I will say my niece "or little sister as I've always thought" Is an easy subject to photograph.

Mr and Mrs. Ryker and Courtney Morris
Doug, Michell, Courtney, Ryker, and Morgan

They are beautiful pictures don't ya think? They barely start the story of the past two weeks, but these people in these pictures definitely have shaped me and what was able to happen these past two weeks. It was wonderful to see my sweet Courtney, who I named by the way. My sis may not remember but I threw Courtney into the ring of names and she couldn't decide between that or McCall, but she chose great giving her the name she has. They are special people in my story, why? Well, you'll see.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is she really 8?

Well, my baby girl is 8 already. She has been waiting for this day for a long time. She is the sweetest angel ever. She wants to get baptized so much. She was so nervous yesterday because she had her interview with the bishop. She said her day was great. They sang happy birthday and added "Alaria Rocks" after every few words at school. haha. She begged for an i-pod so, we got her the same thing different brand, whatever. And she is getting roller blades, we'll see how that works out. I'm giving her an old fashioned sleep over party when we get back from Utah this next week. Oh, boy here we go, girl drama already goin strong. She is my sweetie and I don't want it to change. When we were in Idaho for the wedding, she was so cute. She was thrilled to get to dance with Ryker, Courts new hubby. Then we went to Lagoon in Salt lake and both her and Nick got to ride all the big rides. I couldn't believe it. They we're not even scared to ride Wicked and Colossus. They we're hilarious. Nick was clonking around in his big skate shoes that made him just tall enough to ride all the ig rides. We weren't even haf way through Wicked and he yells to me, " Mom I want to ride this again!" haha He's my crazy one. But, the terror ride terrorized him, so I had a litte satisaction that he is still my little boy.
Anywho, Alaria's B-day was great, but Jorgensen style we celebrate for at least a week. So, we will go to Utah and she'll get to see everyone in her family and go to dinner with them, and she will be baptized on Sunday. It worked out so that everyone can be there, except Lydia and Adalie and that is sad for us we wish they could come too. She is ready and happy to get to go to Activity day's. Well here is her B-day day:)
Finally 8

So Cute, Axel never far away

Love seeing these fun hot air balloons while they are getting ready for the Balloon Festival

Nick's Card

Flowers from Gma Jorg

Nick loves to get games to play

Awww an I-pod but not really
Such a great day. She deserves it. I couldn't have asked for a better daugher for real. Just if I could keep her just like this. We love you Alaria

Dearest Great Grandma Sorensen

So, we have had the craziest week ever. This will be a short little synopsis of our time this past week. I will have to fill in later with each event, but we drove to Idaho on the 24th of August for the wedding of my sweet niece Courtney who I have always thought was my little sister, still do. And her sweet new hubby Ryker. It was an adventure in itself, which I will post all the pics later because they are too beautiful not to post. It was a grand thing. Aside from that our sweet Grandma Sorensen suffered a heart attack, and survived for many days fighting so hard to live. She would look at Great Grandpa and say,"Well, you think I can go home tomorrow?" Great Grandpa held her hand one night when she was lucid, she kept having mini heart attacks and her lungs were filling water, and Grandpa said,"Come on Mom Let me take you Dancin!." And she said, " I sure will but you can only dance with me" To which caused Grandpa to cry and cry into her shoulder. Grandma was very particular about having her "Face on." To be made up and look very nice all the time, and she threatened LeAnne and her daughter Linda that they better have her eyebrows on her or she would haut them. She was so witty and funny. I'll never forget meeting her and that night she was watching the Utah Jazz play a basketball game and they weren't playing very well, and well she let them have it. She and Grandpa always had a game on. Probably the funniest thing I heard was one night near the end a clergy man came in and said he wanted to play the violin for her. She turned to LeAnne, Linda, and Macall and sarcastically said, "Oh Yippee" Going over his head the violinist enjoyed himself while everyone sniffed because that is what we'll miss so much about Grandma Great. She said she was ready and passed away. It was very hard for all of us. We love Grandma and Grandpa Great. Nick and Alaria had a very hard time when we explained it to them. Alaria is just so sweet, she said,"Mom I'm so glad we will be a family forever so I can run and play with Grandma great." We lived in Colorado with them for awhile and have visited every Christmas and more to be able to see them at Tyler's parent's house. When I was growing up my only grandmother passed, and so when I met Tyler's grandparents they are the perfect grandma and grandpa, just the cutest ever. I loved visiting them in St. George. They never forgot a birthday and are so generous. Nicholas cried the last two nights because he said he will miss Great Grandma. We sure love you Grandma and we will await your loving arms.

The kids with Grandma at Christmas

Too sweet for words

We love you Grandma. We will see you soon. We love you Grandpa. Thanks for the example of love!