Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Hubby

Well this day week was so great. Yesterday was my 12th anniversary and it was so fun. Tyler made me stay in our room for an hour or so. I just got ready and was reading. The kids and I we're playing with the dogs. When I say the dogs we go to watch some friends of ours dog, Jazmine. She is a mix between a yorkie and a poodle, so I guess a yorkie-poo, I don't know. But they were so funny. We had her a week so she got used to us and by this day she was playing a lot with Axel. They look a lot alike anyways so all week I kept getting them confused. But here they are, Axel always kills me when he plays becuase when he plays he rolls onto his back and he scoots like a worm around on his back. It's so funny.
Axel and Alaria, He loves to ay on his back

jazzy, she looks so much like Axel

He was just straight up on his back for awhile, but turned when the camera went off, so cute!

So some friends of the kids volunteered for Tyler to watch the kids, thanks, Natalie, anywho they went over there while I hid in the room until Tyler was ready. I was so excited. He brought me out to a candlelight dinner in our kitchen. He had set out the good China set that used to be my Mom's. I love candlelight dinners they are so fun I think. Tyler was so cute because he made me some delicious Hungarian Food that I beg him to make all the time. This is called Chicken Paprika. I couldn't spell how they say it for real, but they even make their own home made noodles, which we apparantly hit our quota this month for that.haha He had sparkling cider and a lot of delicious food, the best part was making me homeade crepes! mmmmmm I got sick eating so many. It was a lot of fun.
I made him take a pic so I can remember, don't know why all the chair are moved, but he movd them so we could sit together on the end. It was so good. I loved it.

I made him take a pic too:)
We dragged the kids' bean bag chair, or love sack out and out it in front of the TV. It's funny because my parents had one when I was daing Tyler before he left on his mission and we used to watch movies downstairs at my house cuddling as teenagers do. Then when I got home from my mission he was at the airport to see me and after a few days of being home he traveled from his sisters in utah, he was visiting her so he could see me at the airport, he is from Colorado. Anyways, luckily he was there because I left my missionary luggage at the Salt Lake City Airport, which is funny because I always forget something and still to this day he is looking after me.haha Well the bean bag chair was famous down in my parents basement because I was only home a few days from my mission and we were watching a movie and he had the guts to kiss me then. It didn't even freak me out, so needless to say there was a wedding shortly thereafter, although we tried to plan it a year later it got moved 3 times all the way up to 4 months from that kiss on the bag. haha Poor parents of mine whom I promised getting married was not in my plans for a long time so they could come get me from Italy and we Could plan a trip around Europe and yes, bring my sister she HAS to see this place. They never knew what they got into with me, oh well. I will take good care of them when they need it. But that won't ever happen cuz they promised to stay young forever! So, we had a great time and it was a lot of fun to cuddle up on the love sac and watch a movie. It was a great 12th. One I will remember. What I'm not looking forward too is my Birthday which is coming up next week, not cool. 35 is not believabe. Let's not talk about  it! thanks Tyler, Loves

Saturday, November 26, 2011


A few of our engagement pics that my sister took in front of the Idaho Falls temple

Idaho Falls Temple 12 years ago
So happy today that it is my 12th year Anniversary to my marriage to Tyler. It's hard to believe it's been that long and yet it seems short as well because I don't remember life without him in it really. If I've ever counted any of my blessngs, he is always at the top of my list. I feel so blessed that he loves me so much. I know that because through all we've gone through he loves me all the more. We've had our share of trials that have been scary at times, but I love him so much and am blessed that he has been here every step of the way or I wouldn't know what I would've done without him. Being ill for so long and the struggles that come with that can be crazy, but I lucked out with a man who has stood by my side and held me while I cried and couldn't figure out what would happen next he would assure me it would be ok. And now we have a plan to go forward that makes me feel happy and safe. I have been feeling a little bit better lately and we both hope it stays this way and only gets better with our plans that we have moving forward with my health. Anyways I think he deserves a medal for putting up with the ups and downs of having a spouse who has an illness. He's been more than I could ever ask for. I love him so much. 12 years and many many more to come!!!!

November 26 1999, I DO

Bit of a windy day, haha

This was the reception we had in colorado Springs, co at Tyler's house. IT was a bit before christmas

Here is my line

haha I think I'm funny

Oh llittle did he know, poor foofy, or Dad as most peeps know him
Just a few pics to remember an awesome day. Getting married in the temple was the best blessing in the world. I will never forget that and how it made me feel. I Love my honey and know we have grown closer in the past 12 years and know it will only get better. Thanks to all the family who have helped us on our road. We love our kids Alaria and Nick and all of our family soooo much it hurts sometimes. Tyler, shooter , I love you forever!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our first Thanksgiving on our own

So this year was the first year that both Tyler and I , and of course the kids had no plans for Thanksgiving. Luckily, our friends, the Lindells called and invited us to spend it with them as they are too stuck in Albuqurque with no family coming or not being able to go anywhere. We we're both not quite ready to do it all alone with just our own family, a little too quiet. So, we combined for a super fun time. I'm so greatful for good friends. My kids love their kids and had so much fun playing with their kids. We had great food and I'm so thankful for their kindness to include us. We missed our families still and tried skyping with them, but I think we had too much pie and we're too tired to hold still enough for them to understand a word we we're saying. It was good to see their faces and yay for technology. I kept begging Ty to get on the horn so we could skype with Gma and Gpa sorensen, but they we're in Iowa visiting Tyler's younger Brother brett and his wife Lydia and their  little ones, and one on the way, he thought it was too late. Whatev. Anywho it was a great time and once again I'd love to thank them for the great time we had. I just love their family so much. Thanks Guys for not making us be lonely!!!!

Happy Gobble Gobble

Thanksgivig 2011

Madison, Alaria, Jackson, Boston, Nick, Aidan

Love the kids

Jac and Melanie Lindell, Baby girl due Dec 12

Kids trying to fit legs under the kids table
It was a lot of fun and the food was great. We have to havve a game night to finish our game night playing catch phrase. Loved it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup... For The Soul

One of the best memories I have as a child is when it would be sooo cold outside and I would come into the house and my Mom would be making her homemade chicken noodle soup. The smells were the best. You could smell the soup and the delicious rolls rising. Then, she would have her homemade pasta dough out and she would let me help her roll it out and cut it into noodles for the soup. She also had a different way, but delicious way of making a great recipe. We would put our soup on top of Mashed Potatoes, I know it sounds wierd, but trust me It's so delicious. It's always been one of my favorite memories. Not sure if it's becuase the food was so good, or it was fun to spend time baking with my Mom, or probably both I guess.
Well, to make it even better now, when Tyler and I got married LeAnne, my mother-in-law bought us a Kitchen Aid for Christmas. I ran that thing into the ground. I loved it. And between LeAnne and my Mom they got a lot of attachments that go to it. Love them all, but a great one is the one that lets me make my own homeade pasta. Of course it's probably becuase I served my mission in Italy and that makes it soooo much easier to make a lot of pasta's. I used my Kitchen Aid so much it died and my Mom got us a new one last year for Christmas because she knew how much I loved it. Being ill made it hard to do a lot of cooking or baking, but slowly getting well I'm finally getting my Cook back on. I've made it before, but I wanted to make homeade Chicken noodle soup again, so the kids could help. But, I have my secret weapon with my pasta maker. My poor Mom never had. But, I love it.  It makes making things homeade so fun and you can use all kinds of flour so you can make gluten free pasta and all kinds of stuff like that if you want. The kids had a lot of fun. hopefully it will be one of their great memories too. Here are some pics. It did warm my heart like it used to when I remember those things when I was little.
Here is the Beauty with the Pasta flattener. As you can see I love to make a huge mess when I cook.

Alaria's turn to flatten her piece of dough, as you can see it's a Sunday after Stake Conference we are in comfy clothes

Nick's Turn to flatten his piece

Now we get to use the attachment that makes these noodles

She thinks we should open a restaurant. haha

Her batch

Nick's batch

All of our noodles drying for a little bit
The batch of Chicken noodle soup, For our Soul's

Looks way bigger next to Nick

Well the kids got pretty antsy waiting for the soup to cook, The potatoes to be mashed, and rolls to cook. I have to say when I looked out the window It was a beautiful sight. Something I do love about Albuquerque, the sunsets.
If Only you could see it for real, very gorgeous

I was standing on top of a bench outside next to my house it cut some of the side of the pic off, oh well.

For some reason Alaria thought we we're in Hawaii after coming into the backyard and seeing the beautiful Sunset and Sand. She said all we had to do was pretend that the ocean was behind the fence. haha If only. Hawaii is a place i've always wanted to see, but this night Albuququerque felt pretty perfect to be with the family. With Thanksgiving coming up and we'll have no one coming to see us this year, sniff sniff. I decided we should go to the Ronald McDonald house, it's a house behind the University of New Mexico hopsital. It's the largest hospital in the state and trauma unit in the city for sure, maybe state not sure, but it's for families that have children in the hospital over the holiday's and they can't get home for Thanksgiving. Our ward has been providing dinner's for the past 4 years. We decided as a family to go help. But we'll be there in the morning to lend a hand. I think it will be good for all of us.We get the dinner ready and the families come down when they have a minute, so it is set up like a buffet. Our ward donates all the food. We will go and help get set up and get the food ready. We will get done early enough that we are also going to eat our own 1st thanksgiving dinner without family. We will do it with another family that is in our babysitting group, the Lindell's who moved from Utah. We are both lamenting on it being our first Holiday alone, without family, we are both stranded in Albuquerque where no one wants to visit. It will be a first for us both, so we will see how we do with all our " family dishes" But Alaria was down here Dancing the Hula, Crazy girl.

She is ALWAYS making me laugh

Our finished product, oh soooo good! Thanks for the family recipe mom

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Little Novelist

So, Alaria has been told that she has to write a book. They like to call it a novel at school. However it does have to be 40 pages, at least for her. She is the only one in the class that has to write 40 pages as her goal. At first I was thinking this was crazy. But, she is taking it VERY seriously. Today she read us her "first" installment. It was seriously so funny. I thought she was reading from a very successful novelist. I'm not sure why they are writing these stories, but when I was in her grade I wrote a story that won and I got to meet the Mayor and my story was in the library. I know so cheesy, but it really is funny that my daughter is so much like me. I've seriously wanted to always write a Novel. Not many people know that but I do. She was making me laugh a few sentences into her story. I hope she does well, and she wanted to share her first few pages. She was trying so hard, but that little nusance named Nicky wouldn't let her. I had to snap a few shots because I ALSO love taking pics, which annoys Alaria as well, especially when she was trying to read her us her story. Here they are making me laugh, which is just a memory I want to keep. They are so funny.
Trying to start with Nick behind her

And he still is trying to steal her thunder

Yah, annoyed

Wishing I would quit taking pics and Nick would leave her alone

Won't stop, even axel is annoyed

Nick said, "Talk to the Hand!" haha

She WILL finish her first few pages, I just noticed she is sweaterless. It got cold today and I thought it would snow, so everyone was in sweaters , she must have shed it at some point.

I was laughing at her because it took her forever to read us her 3 pages. She is a showman. I give her that.

She is so excited about this book she has to write. She writes books all the time. I have some hilarious ones I wish I could put in here, well I guess I could scan a few in. When she finishes her story and we see why they are having to write so many pages. Everyone has different amount of pages they have to make their stories. I hope she can keep it to 40 pages, hopefully she can go over because if she is like me she will go over 40 pages. Maybe it will snow tomorrow. We don't get much snow here, and we want to teach the kids how to skii this year. Tyler is the skiier, but I think i could bunny hill it enough. My mom said we will surprise him this christmas in Idaho and go to a cabin in yellowstone and rent snow mobiles and take the kids skiing to targhee where he took a college class. He will be happy. But, he won't be able to go all out becuase of his knee. Next summer he'll have to get his knee surgery. Now I need to go think of a brilliant idea for my novel that will be made into a movie I'm sure of it.haha