Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bored Much?????

Oh my word, it's a beautiful Saturday and we are soooooo bored. We cleaned this morning and oh joy. Why isn't it that I can't hire a laundry assistant? It's the only thing I hate so much. The kids played with their friends outside and I can still only stand up for certain periods of time before I have to lay down or I get too dizzy and it makes me feel nauesous, which makes me have another issue. I've felt nauseous for at least 9 months, yet I get no reward of a baby out of it. Just not right, don't you think? Oh, well the two I have entertain me so much. I thought to myself early this afternoon, oh someone please entertain me. I can't read, too dizzy, too bored. I just want to shoot a hole in the TV cuz I can't stand watching it, so after rolling my fingers and wishing I could just fall asleep, after all my doctor said I have to lay down most of the time right now, oh so boring, My KIDS come to the rescue. I hear a sound like someone is seriously injured in Nicks room. I thought they we're being attacked at the amount of yelling. I go in there and they are wrestling WWE style. I just started to laugh. Mean,right. No it's kind of funny especially when you see the pics, and they are real. They we're hurting each other and laughing at the same time. So it was pleasurable to see them entertaining each other without too much pain involved. Their faces are what is entertaining. It's so funny how much more relaxed you get as they get older. When they were little I would freak out about everything. Now, well you still worry about things but I guess the worries change to things like, "OK Alaria is just like me, that's scary. Too boy crazy, comes home every day worried about her "social network, aka friends", Gets WAY too tired by Friday, but thinks it's party night and must stay up very late, thinks she is so hilarious all the time, sorry Mom and Dad, and siblings of mine.haha But every so often, OK a lot she makes me laugh so hard because we do have the same kind of mind. So Back to the wrestling, this is how bored I am to laugh, but I love their laughs.
What a big Mouth,lol

Neck chop, oh and that mouth

Nick is so calm, but Ala is sure she is falling to her death

Some new egyptian style chop
Oh the joys. At least I'm amused. I feel like Rapunzel locked in her tower, you know at the beginning of the new cute, adorable Disney movie Tangled and by noon she is bored because there is only so much you can do really in a tower after all. Speaking of Rapunzel. After the wrestling I was looking through Alaria's camera that I gave her when I got a new one. She loves to take pics of herself as all kids, teenagers do nowadays with the digital options. Well, my mom bought her a long blonde wig for a Hannah Montana outfit a few years ago and she had dug it out a few days ago and asked me to help her brush it out, the wig, Well, i was looking on her camera and I found these pictures. Oh, I thought it was priceless of her to put that wig on and take pictures of herself. Usually right after she takes pictures she'll come show me, but it was funny to find them on my own. She is infatuated with the movie "Tangled" and I think she was going for a Rapuzel look.

Oh, you should've seen Tyler's face when he saw these pics. He was like, "She is taking pictures of herself already????" i just laughed. Girls I told him. Poor guy didn't know he'd get 2 of us, plus Nick who pushes the only buttons I think Tyler has, which is quite funny sometimes. Well, Tyler just left to get me an Easter treat, Harry Potter part 1 Deathy hallows. Love it, can't wait to see it again. Chowder

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Uh OH Filmakers Beware.

So, For Christmas I gave Alaria my old digital, which she has gone nuts over. I've never even taken as many pictures as she takes. And now she's figuring out how to direct the movie camera on it. WOW she is a tough director. It's so funny to listen to her and Nick and they will literally do a scene 3 times. It's super cute. Alaria loves to get all dressed up and have her friends over so they can get dressed up and make movies. She is definitly the director of the show. I love those grand days when watching the kids we get to go back with them to that innocence. It's so Fun and great Nick Loves acting in her produtions so I had to just wait until they get one that doesnt get deleted or whatever. But Alaria is in her directing day here. She and her friend were messing with "costume makeup" they were kitties. At first, she ran around directing Nick. It was funny to me cuz I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I could've had a camera and a computer at her age wow T would've spent all day on that. Well I love my kids
Thanks Grams
Alaria is so funny because now that there are some mornings I can't get to sleep until past 6am he will run home from work and take his lunch break to take the kids to school. And he has to get Alaria ready sometimes. It's hilarious to hear them argue over her outfits. She is always pounding her fists to her legs saying, "Dad that doesn't even come close to matching!" It's pretty funny to me. But to my credit all the blame goes to my Mom for getting the stuff and my sister for always making her girls look like they we're going to Auction to be sold for a high price of art everyday. We are quite different but I think that the bit of OCD with the girls' fashion can come out. I know for sure it would be tons worse if I felt better. Soon
She loves to make videos when her friends are here. No one but close family would even care, but I think it's so cute. Here is one of a ton of movies she did this week.
                                              I love their make-up they did themselves

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, I was hoping, really hoping to be asleep by now, I mean it is 3am. There is horrible TV on at that time, and I was lying, laying, dont get me started on the english language, anywho I was doing that and thinking this bites, so I flipped on the computer and went to type in and out of sheer curiosity I typed it into google. THe first thing to come up was an anti mormon website. That made me sad, and mad because the word Mormon wasn't even in my search, so anyone who may be searching for info gets that, not the simple site, which was there eventually, but I was a little peeved about that so now i will sit here and be awake about that for awhile.
I did get on here also to say that I know without one shadow of a doubt that the lord has been guiding me and helping me because he put this cute, I thought very mysterious boy in my way in college, turned out he was just shy and if there is nothing that needs to be said, don't say anything, and I pretty much the opposite, but even through 2 missions and 3 years of letter writing we remained best friends and knew it was right a few days after my feet touched american soil. That's right he waited for me,lol to finish my mission. I can't believe that there is a man that has a soul like his. Really truly the best person I know. I can say that I love him so much. He did the most amazing thing for me that makes those feelings I had in the temple the day we got married come back. He is such a great dad and we are all lucky to have him in our lives. He's a special person and I just hope and pray that I get a chance to pay him back for all he's done for me. He is my home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thanks Mom

My Mom sent me the sweetest thing. It meant a lot to me, and anyone who has health problems should read it. I love you Mom. No matter how old you get you always need your Mom:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh, Body of mine, where art thou?

Just been so confused as to why my body is doing the craziest stuff lately. I've always had fibromyalgia for 11 years now, but I was learning to cope with it. But lately in the past 6 months it seems like my body likes to punk me. Except the joke doesn't go away. I learned I have interstitial Cystitis which makes my bladder and lining of the bladder wall infected and inflamed. Not so comfy. I did start a med that will hopefully work, it can take up to 3 months to see if it works. Then i found out that my liver is jacked up. IT seems after many tests that it won't filter out the Ammonia we naturally ingest and have in our bodies. So, when i always said lately that I feel like I have poison running through my veins it was real. So, now I have to go see a  GI who specializes in the liver. May have to get a biopsy or not. Also was told my blood is made way too thick and I may have to get blood taken out monthly. Glad to help the blood bank, wonder if they'll pay me?haha anyways It's funny to hear myself think that i wish I was just back to the Fibro. speakng of Back, my Back has degenerative disks and is making it difficult to move around and get what needs to be done. They've talked surgery, which i don't want to do. I've mentioned my blood pressure has been super high so they  put me on meds for that and last night for some reason my blood pressure dropped to 75/48. I was seeing crazy stuff all night and freaking Tyler out. I kept seeing writing on the bed in neon green and orange writing and turning on the lights. I could see the craziest colors all over the room, and this is not the first time this has happened to me but sometime in the middle of the night I saw a woman standing on the side of my bed, she had blonde hair and was smiling and reaching out to me. That stuff has happened to me before, sounds loopy and probably is, but it used to scare me, but not any more. But today I could barely raise up my head. It was rough and when I went to the Doc, he just said my blood pressure was scary low and to watch my meds for that. OH I hate medications. I want so badly to be off all of them. That is my goal to figure out what my liver is doing and hopefully I can have a great summer with my kids. My family is getting nailed with the illness factor, of course I talk about my brother Todd. My poor Mom who takes care of us all is not feeling well. We may be looking at a genetic blood disease. Man, sometimes I think about the day we all stood and cheered to come to earth, and i know i chose and was happy to come. I also think how great will be our joy when we make it to the end and get to see our brother Jesus Christ and our father in heaven and all My friends and family who are waiting for us. I just wish I could be stronger and know what to do at times. Sometimes i feel very alone and lost. I feel like chronic pain is something that is somewhat Tabu to talk about. I'm not sure why. I know some people think you are weak or whatever their predisposed feelings are, but it's very sad to judge unless you have walked a mile in someone else's shoes. Physically it feels as though I can't possibly put one foot in front of the other, but I know that the Lord will help me. I'm most greatful for my mission where I gained a strong testimony and learned that you can't judge a book by it's cover, ever! Well, blah blah blah, Just trying to keep track so when I look back and read this i can remember how far Ive come.