Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New School Year!!

Well here we are again with the new school year. It's so crazy that Alaria is in the 3rd grade. Nick is now in the 1st grade and has Mrs. Hoban, the same teacher Alaria had. He's so excited. Alaria has a little crush on her teacher, she keeps saying I have the crush but she smiles a mile wide when she talks about Mr. Steiner. He's a very young new teacher. She is having a lot of fun. I came home from yesterday, the first day of school and felt pretty lonely. Now they are both gone and I'm sitting here wishing there were more running around, but that's OK. My job is to get my body as healthy as I can to enjoy my two little hilarious, loving fun balls. Well I know we will have great stories this year with a lot of fun. Here is the first few days of school.
First Day
Matching Camo outfits from Gma Jorg.

Day 2, Alaria's hair is now brown, we colored it and put a few highlights. You can't really tell here though. she loves her new sparkle sketchers too!

OOOhhh I could just pinch their cheeks

Going to school, we walk and take Axel

Up the hill to school, running a little late, Love Alaria's backpack gma got with an A for my girl

They even walk the same. funny

Well they are so excited for this year. We leave next week for idaho. Courtney is getting married. Hard to believe. We are so happy to see everyone. I can't believe my little sweet Court is getting married. I feel old. I'm feeling a bit weepy and all emotional these last few days, what is it about watching your kids grown up that makes you feel this way? Well ciao until later

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome the new addition to the family!

It is a tale of tradgedy and yet of selflessness all together. My sweet niece Morgan had a puppy dog who was sadly hit by a car and didn't make it. Of course, my wonderful sister who does it all for her kids got Morgan a new Dog a Yorkie. She named him Axel and loves him so much, but she will be  a senior this year and just won't have time, so with a heavy heart she lovingly gave the ball of joy to Alaria and Nicholas. I know it was hard for her, but she can rest assured he is as spoiled as ever. He is so funny and we love having him around. Let me show you his cuteness!

The kids lovin him before church, they hate to leave  him because he frieks when we get home from anywhere, so it gives alaria anxiety to leave him alone for too long. She is funny

He is officially the most spoiled member of the family, so dang cute though
Another funny thing about these past few weeks is that the kids have lost 3 teeth. Why do you ask if this is wierd? Well, Alaria just lost her first one a few months ago and the tooth replacing it had already grown in behind it. Nicholas did the same thing. He lost his first tooth and a week later another. They alreay had full grown teeth in behind, i though that was crazy, plus the tooth fairy is so broke, and getting mixed up with which pillow to put it under, Kids these days are way too smart. I have to lie through my teeth, get it hahahaha. Oh, Here's nick's first tooth, must be documented
gonzo. He raked it in for this first tooth. the tooth fairy left 3 bucks and Gramps sorensen Gives all the grandkids $5 when they lose a tooth. Maybe I'll rip some teeth out.haha

Summer, Summer where for art there summer?

WOWsa, I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. My parents grandnapped the kids, along with my brother's son, Brady. They are just the best. Carting along all the kids. They had so much fun. Swimming lessons, bike rides every day with gramps. Playing. And Alaria and Nick went to basketball camps and had a blast my Pops even got Alaria some pink basketball shorts, so adorable. He is the best coach ever, and will live on in infamy. Of course Alaria had her cousin Morgan come take her away for her girls' nights out when the boys got a bit too much. she is so sweet. She was elected Student Body President and is co-captain on the dance team she is super busy but always makes time for my kids. I love her for that. They had a lot of fun and went camping.
  • Brady, Alaria, Taylor, and Nick at my Dad's Basketball camp for Bonneville High. They did great. Alaria won a few awards and was thrilled and Nicky won the fastest kid to dribble the B-ball

Cousins, Three peas in a pod

skyping with Mom and dad when I wasn't there. Loved it
Morgan teaching Alaria at her Dance camp. Alaria idolizes Morgie

The kids had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa. They also got to see G-pa and G-ma sorensen and spend some time with uncle Mike and Jaden and Seth. I need to hunt down the pics. My kids are addicted to all of their cousins, they love to spend time with them. I love that and hope we can get closer one day. Now we are awaiting word from the school to see the kids' new teachers. Fingers crossed.
thanks so much Grandparents for giving the kids memories they'll never forget, Big loves to you.