Saturday, July 14, 2012

We have had a great summer so far, except for the fact that Tyler got laid off from his job, that is not cool, but it must mean something else is supposed to happen for our family. The kids went to Idaho for awhile and we decided to meet them up in Idaho and surprise them. THey we're so surprised to see us, my Mom told them the mail man had a special delivery and Alaria was sure TYler mailed me to idaho, but we drove up in the car instead of me being mailed, haha. We had a busy time in Idaho and now we are in Utah for a few days. We went swimming and white water rafting and to Lagoon. We even bounced back to Lagoon. It will be sad to go home. The kids will be so bored. Here are some pics of white water rafting

The kids had so much fun they even jumped off some cliffs, which I would've died if I'd been in the boat, but I guess that's why Dads are so fun.

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