Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chillarific weekend!

This weekend our lovely dirt patch of land called The City of Rio Rancho had a 30th anniversary party. This is funny because if you could see where we live in conjuction to Albuquerque and where the acutal city center is you would laugh I promise, It's cofusing, but they we did go and have a fun time. They had ice skating in the Star Center which is the building that holds concerts and big events. Like 2 years ago we saw the Dinosaur show here.  And they had a  big buffet of food, which we totally thought would be lame so we ate before, figures the kids weren't hungry around all of that free food, until it was time to leave and go get a spot for the parade of lights. Our local schools and some businesses put in floats and there are about 5 huge buildings that kind of make a circle. Hewlett Packard well Tyler works then the Star Center, The new University of New Mexico hopspital, which will bring a lot of jobs this way is almost done. Then,there is the City Center which is where we went to see santa. Then there in a few annex buildings for the Univerity of New Mexico. Which is nice. Now, all we need is a gas station and a grocery store, that would rock. But right between these building is a sort of dip a valley of sorts where they had about 8 Hot air balloons and they did a glow with some fireworks. It turned out to be pretty fun actually the kids loved it of course. Here are a few pics of our good time.
Ice Skating

This is some Ice hockey teams Mascot?

There are some of the balloons they started putting up, while we waited for the parade to start. I was happy the kids got to see a glow because we didn't make it to the Balloon fiesta this year.

i took so many pics trying to get them glowing all at once, too hard but that is Daddy's work building behing them.

This is the City Center building where they turned on all the lights at once. Here you can see on the ground a lot of glowing orangeish lights on the ground, well it's tradition in Albq. to put on top of the buildings and line the streets with brown paper bags with sand in them and that holds it down, then they put a candle in it to light it up. It looks really cool and they had these all over the place. On the sidewalk between where Nick and Alaria sat there was a bag by him and one by her and I bet you can guess that surprisingly Nick's light went out. I saw it and just laughed. I'm surprised he didn't blow out more than that one candle. Crazy Boy!

A UNM Float

Another cool float passing by us.

We had a lot of fun watching the parade. We cheered really loud when Nick and Alaria's school float came by, and our high school, Cleveleand high won the AAAAA Championship game for the football team! Then we went into the CIty Center and we got to see Santa.
Ah Santa

santa told Nick," Wow, that's a big order" Alaria rolled er eyes at Nick

Naughty or Nice? That is the question

So, srangely enough the funniest part of the night for me came after we left Santa and met up with Sponge Bob and some of his friends. I did not know that Winnie the pooh was sponge Bobs best friends. The funniest [art was outside when one of the PLUSHIES, I think it was Eugene from the Backyardigans had a mishap with the bags of fire all over the ground. He stomped right on one and chaos ensued. I heard elmo yelling get off the bad you're on fire, so he had to run to a little snow pile and put out the fire on his leg, but all the PLUSHIES we're following and running around like crazy it was funny.
That is so funny to me

These paper bags filled with sand and a candle we're everywhere, for decoration up and down the whole city center. And exactly what mr Plushie stepped in creating mass plushie outbreak haha.

4 of many of the Plushies let the kids dance with them until sad little Backyardigan in the back caught on fire. haha I know that sounds horriboe and mean, but it really was a funny sight, and no one was hurt!
We had a great time, it was fun. Good to spend all that time with the kids!

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  1. love the pics and the music-and Iam so excited because I miss you guys so much!!!1 and your coming home for Christmas-can barely stand it.just a week away. That is going to be the best present.grams