Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Time is Definitely here!!!

Well here in Albuquerque we don't usually see the white powder of SNOW. Well we got nailed with quite the winter storm the other day. It hasn't snowed that much here in years and it is freezing. That is the one thing I like about Albq is the weather. Sheesh But it was fun for the kids to get all bundled up as we got their gear out to go play in the snow. It does remind me of home and make me a little homesick as I type here I think of Colorado and Idaho, my 2 homes that I love and it's not a secret I want to go back to either one. But the kids had fun and now on my Birthday the kids are out of school, what a great present to have them here all day being bored, haha. At least they get to play in the snow. As I am another year older I hope to find myself next year a lot more healthy. Very motivated in a serious excercise plan and ready to run that 10k I've always swore I'd run in, don't know why I'd torture my psyche with that goal, but there it is. More spiritual and a better mother than I am today. There we have it, Here we come 35, yes I said it, through tears, but I did. Well let me live this year happy and healthy! Here are some funny pics of the snowfight.
Awww such cute footsteps

that should be illegal here

Ouch Alaria 1 - Nick 0 right in the face too

Snow angels maybe, that's as far as i'll go with the angels thing

They are getting to the Rocks of our beautiful yard

She should play baseball

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Still friends
I finally got the Christmas stuff up. We don't have a ton yet, but we're growing. Here is some of the stuff we had fun decorating all together!

This is a set my Mom bought me for my Birthday right after I got married
The day we got the Christmas stuff up I had a baby shower for a really good friend of mine, Melanie Lindell. This was on Saturday and she went in yesterday and had her beautiful baby girl Raegan. Beautiful little baby with huge eyes. So excited for them. Although I have to say i was hoping she'd have it a few hours later so, we could share a Birthday, but wouldn't want Mel to be in more pain than she needs to be.
I made a dorky little cupcake tower, it pales to what the professionals do, but i didn't have much time or maybe I could've gone crazy on the decorating end of things

Madison and her mom Melanie Lindell, so cute
Well, I'm not sure how much more will happen before we go to Idaho for christmas, hopefully things are pretty chill. Alaria is supposed to be tested for the gifted program sometime in the next few weeks, we finally got a notice from the school. She also has her first Basketball game this Saturday, so that will definitely be on here:)

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